Thursday, May 26, 2005

DJ Devonte Luv- Remix Hustla

DJ303.COM: Home of The Remix
DJ Devonte Luv's Home page features: Club Nights, Biography
and Mixtapes for this Denver Area Hiphop DJ.
Also has some of the sexiest Club Pictures on the internet.

DJ Devonte Luv at 98.9 Magic FM Radio Station Colorado Springs CO

The Klub Konnection's Head DJ- DJ Devonte Luv has quickly became one of Denver's Top DJ's.
He has been puttin in work for many of Denver's Elite Nightclubs and events including The Arena, Club Rah, Sevillas and has even Deejayed for The Denver Mayor's Rock The Vote Campaign. The man works hard with a passion that is seldom seen in even many of today's top rated DJs. In 2004 his hard work and resulting DJ skills landed him a spot as head DJ and promotions for 98.9 Magic FM in Colorado Springs CO. He now mixes it up on the radio and for all special events and concerts the station holds in Colorado State.

As far as drive and hustle go, this boy also has been working hard on the mixtape circuit, promoting new artists and himself through his growing list of Hot Mixtape CDs as well as his Party Remix CD Service For DJ's. He promotes His mixtapes both inside every nightclub and event he spins at and also on his website where you can find his entire Mix-CD Catalog. For more on this DJ visit him at

Monday, May 23, 2005

Hip Hop Hot Spot - Hip Hop to a Higher Degree

Hip Hop Hot Spot - Hip Hop to a Higher Degree
The Hip Hop Spot is filled with informative articles on new and upcoming hiphop artists and hiphop music. This is a great avenue for any aspiring artists or independent Artists to start promoting themeselves and even has it's own record label for those looking for even more distribution and exposure. The Hip Hop Hot Spot: Music Downloads, Forums, Hiphop Information, Independent Artist Promotion and more.