Monday, December 05, 2005

Techniques Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 6

Whoa! Holly Smokes Mixtape 6 is Hot!
We got our grubby lil hands on an advanced Promo copy of DJ Emir's New Hip Hop Mixtape Techniques Volume 6! Gotta say we have been whole heartedly endorsing and promoting these Mixtapes time and time again because they never let us down. This mixtape CD is no different.
The mixing skill are again apparent on the mixtape and yes they are mixed!

That's Right We Said The Mixtapes Are MIXED- Imagine that!
Unlike many of the so called mixtapes on the internet which slam songs back to back with a bunch of talking over the tracks these mixtapes feature full mixes by a worldclass DJ who doesn't interfere with the music like many other non mixing DJs do.

As always the mixes are on point and the mixtape is filled with great music start to finish. It would be nice to see a little oldschool like the format on the first volume, but with all the great New Hiphop Music that's on the CD and everyone looking more for newer Music we completely understand the need and choice on this mixtape to push and promote the new material first.

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