Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Young Buck Found Guilty of Vibe Music Awards Stabbing- But No Jail Time to Come

G-Unit's own Young Buck was found guilty in court on Monday, but it wasn't for the original charge of assault with a deadly weapon stemming from last year's Vibe Awards. Instead, the rapper's charge was dropped to assault with a chance to produce bodily injury in exchange for a guilty plea.

According to MTV News, Young Buck, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, was sentenced to three years of felony probation and 80 hours of community service, but will not serve any prison time.

In addition, the rapper's attorney, Scott Leemon, revealed that Young Buck was not holding a knife in pictures where authorities believed would prove that he was. The object in the rapper's hand was merely a fork.

Young Buck Only Had Fork in Viba Music Awards Ceremony Stabbing Incident"What we'll tell you now is what we didn't tell anyone back then," Leemon told reporters outside the courthouse. "If you remember that first day [at Buck's arraignment in January], I told you pictures may be deceiving. Guess what? Pictures were deceiving. We knew that day in Buck's hand was a fork. He did not have a knife, he did not cause the injury and what we were able to prove by DNA evidence, by video analysis, is actually he did not do the stabbing."

The knife found on the scene, which had the victim Jimmy James Johnson's blood on it, also had DNA from sweat that did not match Buck's, according to MTV News' report. That evidence helped to dismiss the original charge.

"The allegation was that he used a knife and caused injury -- that was dismissed," said Leemon's co-council, Lenny Levine. Although Buck's defense team did agree that he was holding a fork, instead of a knife, they maintained that their client did not stab anyone. ( take it he just poked the guy a few times :) reminds one of the line from Kevin Costners movie Robin Hood Why a spoon "because it hurts more you idiot") lol

Buck was excited after the decision stating that he "glad to get the situation over with," and of course took the time to promote his forthcoming album, Bad Influence, which is slated for summer of 2006, according to the rapper.

The deal comes just weeks before Young Buck was to begin his trial.

I'd say he was lucky since if you look at the next picture you can see that even a plastic fork can be used as a lethal weapon. It's really all about what area you decide to use it to penetrate and with what force or stroke style. G-Unit Young Buck Fork Stabbing
even a plastic fork can penetrate a humans flesh just look at this mans arm

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