Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Radio Bums to launch Mixtape Website

The Official Launch of
Coming soon.

DJ Chonz of the Radio Bums released news of a new Official Radio Bums DJ Mixtape website launch. The mixtape website will feature Hip Hop and reggae Mixtapes by prominent members of The Radio Bums DJ Crew. DJ Chonz- a prominent Mixtape and Radio Mixshow DJ and radio personality for KS1075 Denver Radio started "The Bums" with humble beginings in his home office. Over the years he moved into a proffesional office space and has recruited and expanded the Radio Bums to include some of the top skilled and most influential DJs in The States.

All Radio Bums DJs feature a high degree of DJ skills and currently are holding down jobs for many hot nightclubs, Sporting events and Radio Stations. The DJs are syndicated over several radio stations across the country, Through Zeo Radio Mix Shows, Ks1075 Radio Denver, 95.7 mega Reggaton, The Next Level TV Show Denver and several other Media venues.

Amongst the other many distinctions Radio Bums DJs DJ Bedz and DJ Psycho are also official DJs of The Denver Nuggets Basketball Team, and mix it up for thousands of screaming basketball fans before and during every game.

Currently the Radio Bums consists of a 30 DJ deep Record Pool which also features about 10 official Radio Bums DJ's who represent the company on the radio, in major sporting and music events and in most major nightclubs. Radio Bums DJs have been very prominent in the Mixtape Scene making it a neccesity to make their mixtapes more readily available.

The Mixtape site should launch soon and will feature one spot where you can collect mixtapes by all the official Radio Bums DJs. Mixtapes will be available from the Reggaton Commision's DJ Psycho, Radio Bums leader and Vilator DJ's DJ Chonz, DJ Mantis, and of course Radio Bums and Shadyville DJ- DJ Bedz who along with DJ Petey have put out more quality Mixtapes than anyone can possibly hold in their arms.

Unlike Most Mixtape Sites These Mixtapes will Be Mixed!
The Radio Bums DJs take pride in their mixes and their mixtapes, so you can expect each mixtape to be completely mixed with skill and precision not found on many other mixtapes. With your new favorite music and special cameo exclusive tracks made specifically for the Radio Bums DJs by Superstar rap artists such as Mad Skillz.

We'll keep you posted when the site finally launches. Stay tuned it's gonna be hot.

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  1. Anonymous12:35 PM

    where do you find listings of when and where these djs are playing?