Friday, February 24, 2006

Ghostface Killah- I Think Hip Hop Died in '96 - 97'

"I think hip-hop died somewhere in '96,
maybe '97 and it was just over with if you ask me.
Now, here we go in 2006, nine years later.
It's kind of finished a little bit.
We're lacking a lot of originality, creativity
and lot of DJs f----- it up."- Ghostface Killah

According to Ghostface Killah could care less for songs like D4L's Crappy Taffy- Oops I mean "Laffy Taffy" Which we here ourselves also despise. (with the exception of the remix which introduces lines from both Busta Rhymes and Twista which elevate the song to listenable- otherwise D4L's concept is whack and so is the delivery.)

Unfortunatly a lot of Rap Music Today is what we consider to be Fast Food Music. You don't have to think about it, You just take it in quickly, It makes you feel sick at times and though you complain about it you can't seem to stop buying more.

1992–'97 was the Golden Age of hip-hop in New York City and Across the country. Calibur songs and Albums of mention of that era (and a few from the prior years) include:
Black Sheep "Flavor of The Month"
Pete Rock & CL Smooth "T.R.O.Y. They Reminisce Over You"

Biggie's Albums
Wutang's Albums
Nas "Illmatic"

Mary J Blige Albums
and many more...

While there are a few artists out there that still have strong concepts, lyrical ability, lyrical depth and a strong cadence and flow, it seems overall the scene has shifted to where the public has allowed the no talent hacks to infiltrate the ranks and actually have created superstars out of artists that barely deserve to step into a studio.

As OC put it in his single "Times up"
"Non Conceptual, Non Exceptional,
Everybody's Either Crime Related or Sexual"

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