Wednesday, April 12, 2006

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Technorati: Your Blogs

Monday, April 03, 2006

Radio Bums: A Force For Social Changes in The Hip Hop Community

Formed by DJ Chonz, The Radio Bums DJ Crew
has long been known in The Denver Colorado and Global communities as a group of highly talented DJ's and Musicians. This group of elite DJs have been holding down every avenue a DJ can cover and have been winning awards after awards in every field.

From Deejaying Arenas for Denver's elite Basketball team the Denver Nuggets to Making everyone's commute easier in both the morning and afternoon traffic jams, not to mention keeping the nightclubs hot and the mixtapes blazing. But the Radio Bums are more than just a DJ community, they are also a force making big changes in the global community as well.

Two of the huge projects the Radio Bums have taken on this year include:
Designing the official site of the Million man March Tenth Year Anniversary Website & Producing a song To Unite The Crips & Bloods to help bring an end or at least a calming down of Los Angeles' dangerous Gang Violence between Bloods & Crips. Similar to what the song "Were All in The Same Gang" helped do for at least a little while almost a decade ago.

Milion Man March- One Million More: Radio Bums has been busy designing the initial and ongoing graphics including the Flash integration of the Official site for the THE 10TH ANNIVERSARY COMMEMORATION OF THE MILLION MAN MARCH: Please log on and register now to claim your part of History!

SAY IT LOUD! Produced by Radio Bums featuring: Sqeek Ru, RBX, Frost, Boo Ya Tribe, Kam, Shorty from the Lench mob, WC, Tank, and Mike Anthony. The song was recorded to bring unity to a desperate situation in the city of Los Angeles CA. The focuses on the uniting of Bloods and Crips, Black and Brown in Los Angeles.

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Story By: Trent Williams of The Great Hip Hop Blogspot
With Contributions from DJ Emir Mixtapes

DJ Emir Santana Hip Hop Music Photo Albums

DJ Emir Santana Hip Hop Music Photo Albums
My boy DJ Emir (of The Next Level TV Show Denver) just keeps expanding his Internet Mixtape Empire. Here's a photo album site he put up for his Mixtape fans.

If You are like us and love this man's Hip Hop Mixtapes, his Deejaying and Stage presence and would like to check out some photos then this site is a good place to begin. Of course don't forget to also check back on his main page periodicaly for more of his Hip Hop Mixtapes - Trent W. of The Great Hip Hop Blog Spot