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Racism In Denver: Purple Martini Lounge DTC "Too Many dark It's Scaring My White Customers"

Sent to us Via Email from My Boy DJ Big Spade

(before you go any further, Please understand that I am a high profile celebrity dj. worked with names like Outkast, Snoop Dogg, G Unit, Busta, Diddy etc Bronco Parties etc. I have nothing tangible to gain from thisreport.)
Is this just "Good Business" "Well look. See, it's getting TOO DARK in here and FRANKLY ITS SCARING AWAY MY WHITE CUSTOMERS." "We're going to do something a little controversial this week, we're gonna select who comes in so there will be a line early"
"Too Dark" a phrase used for Black customers. Practically calling Black customers "Darkies". "SELECT WHO COMES IN" based on RACE! These statements came from Randy, the general manager of Purple Martini located in DTC.
8/3/07 before I [DJ Big Spade] began DJing that evening, Randy wanted to express to me the direction he wanted to take. Randy wished to get rid of people who came to dance and look at women verses people who came to buy drinks. As the DJ, I have no clue who "THESE PEOPLE" are. Randy praises me for my performance for the weeks prior but wanted to make a stronger effort this evening.
Jason opens a separate back door inside the office(I believe to light up a cigarette), looks at me and states, "Do you remember when we talked the week prior, and you said you would like to at least take request the last 15 to 30 min of the night? Well, we just don't want to appease them at all anymore." This is when Randy follows up with

"Well look. See, it's getting TOO DARK in here and FRANKLY ITS SCARING AWAY MY WHITE CUSTOMERS." "We're going to do something a little controversial this week, we're going to select who comes in so there will be a line early"

It was like an intellectual tsunami. I wasn't sure how to respond to this, so I let him continue on all the while in shock. After our words, I went to the dj booth and confided with one of the local promoters I work with, Kevin Kain. I communicated with him via text. I told him not to even come. It was too late to pre-warn everyone I already promoted to by sending over 300 text messages and emails. As the night progressed, Alan Iverson came in. As a regular at my other nightclub Tuesday nights at DC10, I felt that it was my responsibility to pre warn him and let him know. I told him that it's going to be a little different tonight. You may want to get at the MGR if you hear something you don't like."

The same applied to all the Denver Bronco players that attended that evening. Being the professional DJ I am, of course I was able to play anything and I did, but he specifically didn't want to hear anything that would appease to the "Dark" or little "Darkies".
Throughout the evening Kevin Kain would assist me in apologizing to all the Bronco Players (oh, did I mention that these were Black opss.. "DARK" Bronco Players), Denver Nugget players, and the remainder of the SOPHISTICATED Black crowd that showed disgust and frustration at not hearing music that Purple Martini promoted they would hear. We kept screaming, "I'm sorry, but it's not the dj; It's the house". I even went as far as to help out everyone by getting on the mic and stating that the format is going to change.

At the end of the night, I packed up feeling disgusting. As I loaded up my equipment, I noticed the two Black security guards wearing black wife beater tank top shirts.[/b] They seamed just as disgusted as I was. The crowd had cleared and it was just me outside with these two gentlemen. One of them said, "Man did Randy talk to you about the "Crowd Thing"? I was just shocked that I wasn't the only person he talked to in that nature. So I answered, "Yes". He taps the other brother and said, "Let's hear from the dj how Randy brought it to him". I gave them the full detail on the meeting and they both responded, "That's exactly how it was brought to our attention" I wanted to respond but was interrupted by the bald Caucasian security in a suit. He opened the door (insisting for the brothers to come in) and said these exact words, "Hey BOYS! COME ON! Let's wrap it up". I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone entitled "Jim Crow". The two brothers walked in as the security team had a meeting. Needless to say, even his comment bothered me to an extreme! As I watched the brothers walk in, it dawned on me why they where dressed differently than the other security. See, the security "Head Guy" wears a black suit, the other White security guards (that only worked inside the night club) wore black full arm length T shirts, & THE BROTHERS OUTSIDE WORE BLACK WIFE BEATERS! THE REASONING WAS TO DO THE DIRTY WORK OF THE BAR MANAGER! HE LITERALLY USED THOSE BROTHERS TO RACIALLY PROFILE BLACK WOMEN AND MAN, or should I say "THE DARK".
I left DTC's Purple Martini with aspirations to never return.
Racism, I don't know.
This isn't the normal practice of Purple Martini, but if this General Manager continues to be employed by Purple Martini wouldn't they be supporting him?
Bigotry, Guaranteed!

If you're planning to change the atmosphere of a nightclub then promote it. Publicize it using flyers or radio promotions. Hire a RECOGNIZED PROMOTER. [like pleazure entertainment, Kevin Kain, or 3deep etc...]Change your dress code. Turn away customer not properly dressed for your event. If you want, even ask the DJ to change his play list to appeal to the country crowd, rock crowd, hip hop mainstream, hip hop low end, whatever you choose. BUT NEVER & I MEAN NEVER TURN AWAY PAYING CUSTOMERS SOELY BASED ON THEIR RACE! If that was the case, Alan Iverson should've never been able to attend the event with a wave cap under a baseball cap, in sports attire!

At the end of the night, it was disgusting to see Purple Martini's GM hug, laugh and joke with the Bronco players that attended knowing that 5 hours ago he demeaned his kind AND THEIR MONEY! Bigotry is the best intelligent word.
THE [other] DJ (a close associate of mine) is forced to play music that will not appeal you.
If you choose to attend Purple Martini on Friday Nights (in DTC ONLY) please understand, too many of your [black and ethnic] faces will become a threat. Please review all of your options for a Friday Night.
Friday Night I will offer you the same thing Purple Martini offers and more at TREO NIGHT CLUB [without the bigotry].
Either way, please review all your options before you support this type of foolishness.
Dj Big Spade aka Dr.Xclusive the Mad Scientist.

- DJ Big Spade

Now our opinions on it from the Staff at Great Hip Hop Blog:

We discussed all this this with DJ Big Spade, Roger CEO of, DJ Emir of and a few others and the reality in Denver is that many clubs have this same mentality of not "wanting it to become too black" Several Colorado police departments themselves have been known to state to nightclubs that are located in certain classier areas "If you play hiphop and cater to them on this this or that block, then you will be shut down!" This has in the past intimidated many club owners and they then take the same mentality in fear or own their own. Reality is as long as you don't have a liquor license violation they have no right to "shut you down" and only a few club owners have had the guts to push on ahead despite the threats by the city officials and police department heads.

Sevillas and Roger of Pleazure entertainment went to court and won a civil lawsuite against the city for this very same type of discrimination. Now we ourselves feel that many times what's really happening at all these "Lounges" is that they have turned their Lounges from a lounge style format to that of a nightclub format. When this happens and yiou strt packing out your smaller lounge with nightclub patrons but don't bother to re-train your staff for the new format problems occur. You have all these small lounges in Denver acting like nightclubs but boosting lounge style security. Their security doesn't know how to clear their nightclubs and their "Front porch" or parking lots so at the end of the night and you start having drunk patrons (of all races) hanging out too long and eventually causing trouble.

We've seen white girls bust one another over the head with a Moet bottle- (not a beer bottle a Moet bottle) obviously even Higher end clients who we're sure paid a good amount for that Moet bottle can degrade down to the brawling level once the alcohol sets in. Now they were just restrained then released, no news story there either.

Now had that been a Hispanic or African-American that busted some white guy or lady overthe head with a bottle and guaranteed they would have been arrested and a huge news story would have been spun about the voilence Hip hop brings to nightclubs blah blah blah etc...

Today, most nightclubs in Denver are switching to a Top40/Hip-hop or Mixed Hip hop and house music format because in reality the demographic of Hip hop music has changed, Caucasians, hispanics, Asians and African Americans all listen to hiphop and expect it at the nightclubs. Raves aren't as prevelant as they used and as a result the groups of adults who grew up on techno, drum n base and house music have shrunk dramaticaly in the Denver Metro area. As a result there no longer is as big a following for techno in Denver nightclubs as there used to be. Tons of Nightclubs who swore "oh We'll never do Hip Hop here" when promoters used to approach them now all play Hip Hop almost exclusively or "Mashup" the hiphop with Rock and House music (mashup being a new "less ethnic" term for what the nightclub and mixtape industries used to call remixes and blends)

We talked about things we could do afterwards and we came to a few conclusions so let us know what you think we should do.
until they remove the current GM (General Manager), issue a public appology to it's black customers and donate money to a Black College Fund Society etc... the ideas are....
1. We could call to boycott the establishment and rally against the establishment etc... [/b]
or the more controversial approach
2. We could call for all black and ethnic people in Denver to actually go to the Purple Martini... Early form and get in line early til we all flood the club with nothing but as the club called it "dark" faces yet not buy a drop of drinks. - The Hip Hop Critic

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mixtape Volume 6 Recieves 5 Stars

Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 6 Recieves another Mixtape Award Five Star Rating!
This has by far been one of our favorite mixtapes of all time. We are huge Star Wars fans afterall and DJ Emir- The Mixtape Jedi, has put together a Mixtape both Hip Hop Heads and Star Wars Fans alike will love for the ages. His mixes and his theme work together and blend perfectly together to create a complete mixtape. Something which cannot be said for many other mixtapes in the industry. While many mixtapes boast gunshots, shotguns and tons of shout outs this mixtape has taken a creative and masterfull approach, a Jedi Master's approach to be more precise!
Enough of our banter... this is one hot mixtape!
So let us give you a full sample of The Darkside...
as DJ Emir takes you on both the path of the Jedi and the path of a Dark Jedi
on his Mixtape Volume 6 "Darkside Shift"

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Denver's Best Nightclub Parties: KS1075 10th Anniversary Summer Jam In Denver June 9th 2007

Denver's Best Nightclub Parties: KS1075 10th Anniversary Summer Jam In Denver June 9th 2007

What this blog says is true: Denver seems to put it down big when it comes to their Summer Jam Line up:
Past Artists have included Hip Hop Greats like Snoop Dogg and this year they are trying to make it bigger than ever.

11 Artists:
Ice Cube, Ludacris, Akon, E40, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Mims, Rihanna, LLoyd, Bow wow, Omarion, and DJ Unk.

This is one of the country's biggest Concerts. and Definitly Denver's Hottest Hip Hop Concert of the year. It sold out in Under One Week!

There are only a few ways left to get tickets:
1. Listen to KS107 and win Tickets
2. Go To Special Events where tickets are being Given Away- Like KS 1075 Sponsored Food Drives etc...
3. Pay an arm and a Leg to a Ticket Scalper the Day of the Concert
4. Go to a event like the Grand opening of Honeys Saturday May19th inside Heartthrob

DJ Emir Hip Hop Music Mixtapes Denver's Top Nightclub Promoters

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Third World War Has Started!- The Mixtape Wars

The recent slew of mixtape raids have caught a ton of media attention. But it wasn't the first time. Other DJs have been hit by the music industry giants. DJs like DJ Rectangle who was hit with lawsuits a few years back and many others.

It's ludicrous that the same industry that uses mixtapes to promote it's new music also turns it back on the DJs, the lifeblood that sustain the empire. They want DJs to distribute mixtapes with their music on them as a form of street promotion and they want the DJs to play their music at the major nightclubs across the globe. But they quickly turn their back when a DJ gets caught up in the Legal entanglement of Copyright Infringement. You just can't have it both ways. And just like ambiguity in land property line disputes, the ambiguity of where players in the music industry stand on the subject of DJs and DJ Mixtapes also leads us all to conflict and eventually war.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor forced the "Sleeeping Dragon" to join the battle and now the Mixtape Raid on DJ Drama needs to have a similar effect on the music industry. It's time to fight back. DJ's, Music Reps, Music Artists and Music Executives need to get together and rise up against the hypocrosy. If they don't it will be just like world War 2, and the Genocide of the Hip Hop Culture, The Techno Culture and any other Music industry that has come to depend on Mixtapes and Nightclub DJs will soon fall.

DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes: Hottest Nightclub Music Mixtape Series

DJ Emir Hip Hop Mixtapes: Hottest Nightclub Music Mixtape Series

Our boys at have doen it again!
Recently voted in- Hottest Nightclub Music Mixtapes by the Mixtape review board
we expect more big things in the future. If you haven't heard these mixtapes yet make sure you go listen online now!

Rock The Bells Tour Adds Second Show in New York


In response to the 20-minute sell-out of the previously announced Saturday, July 28 Randall’s Island/New York City date, Guerilla Union in conjunction with Live Nation have revealed they will add a second ROCK THE BELLS festival show at the venue for Sunday, July 29. Confirmed artists for both NYC-area shows are headliners Rage Against The Machine, The Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill and many more.

This second Randall’s Island/New York City show now marks one of five opportunities where fans can experience the highly anticipated return of Rage Against The Machine which includes Coachella and other Rock The Bells shows: Saturday, August 11 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA and Saturday, August 18 at McCovey Cove Parking Lot in San Francisco, CA.

Tickets for ROCK THE BELLS Sunday, July 29 at Randall’s Island go on sale Friday, May 4 at 10:00 am via Ticketmaster.

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12minutes of Mixtape Volume 8 for Free

Now you can listen to the first 12Minutes of this ultra hot Mixtape!
Trust us it only gets hotter from where the sample stops so get your's today!

This is one of the best hip hop mixtapes in the industry. When it comes to real mixtapes (those mixed by actual Mixtape DJs) DJ Emir's mixtapes come in as some of the top nightclub and blend style mixtapes

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Mixtape Volume 8: Hip Hop Mixtape

Mixtape Vol8
Track Listing:
1 DJ Emir - Mixtape Vol 8 Intro
2 Mims This Is Why I'm Hot
3 The Game - It's Alright (One Blood)
4 Junior Reed - One Blood
5 DJ UNK - Walk It Out Remix Ft Jim Jones & Andre 3000
6 Crime Mobb - Knuck If You Buck Intermission Beat
7 Lil Scrappy - Money In The Bank
8 T.I. - What You Know About That
9 Ruff Riderz - Intermission Beat
10 Young Dro - Shoulder Lean
11 Danity Kane - Show Stopping
12 Letoya ft Mike Jones - Torn Remix1
13 Letoya ft Jermain Dupri- Torn Remix2
14 Crime Mobb - Rock Ya Hips
15 Jibbs - Chain Hang Low
16 Jibbs - Chain Hang Low Remix
17 Notorious B.I.G. - Spit Your Game
18 Duece Poppi - Did I Do That?
19 Lil Jon - Snap Ya Fingaz Intermission
20 MIMS - Black Train (DJ Emir Remix)
21 Monica ft Franchize Boys - Everytime The Beat Drops
22 Snoop Dogg ft R Kelly - That's That
23 Young Capone - What It Is
24 Yung Joc ft Playalitical - It's Going Down Remix
25 Yung Joc - It's Going Down
26 Yung Joc ft Playalitical - It's Going Down Remix
27 36 Mafia - Side 2 Side
28 50 Cent - In Da Club (DJ Emir Remix)
29 Jim Jones - We Fly High (Ballin)
30 Ali N Gipp - Go Head
31 Don Omar - Dale Don Dale Remix
32 LL Cool J - Hush Reggaeton Remix
33 Shakira - Hips Don't Lie
34 Shakira ft Fat Man Scoop - Hips Dont Lie Remix
35 R Kelly ft Sean Paul - Slow Wind Remix
36 Ice Cube - Why We Thugs
37 India Arie Ft Akon - I Am Not My Hair (Konvict Remix)
38 Akon ft Snoop Dogg - I Wanna Love You
39 E40 ft Candy Girl - U N Dat
40 Snoop Dogg ft E40, Eightball - Candy
41 E40 - Tell Me When To Go
42 Rashard ft T-Pain - Tell Em What They Want To Hear
43 J Shin ft T-Pain - Send Me An Email

Mixtape Vol8

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Classic Mixtapes

Classic Mixtapes

Get a hold of the years hottest hip hop mixtapes
take our word for it these new mixtapes are hot, but we understand your skeptisism so take a listen to the sample mp3 clips at DJ Emir Mixtapes we know you'll enjoy these mixtapes as much as we do. Peace... your boys at The Great Hip Hop Music Weblog

Mixtape Volume 7

Hip Hop Mixtape Volume 7

$9.99 Afterall You Deserve A Hot Mixtape
Get Your copy of This Nightclub Party on CD!

Over 40 Tracks of Hot New Hip Hop & Reggae Music

Techniques Volume 7- Hip Hop Mixtape
Mix-CD Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Chop Shop - La La La
3. TrillTown Mafia - Town Walk
4. Macka Diamond & Blacker - Bun Him
5. Shaggy ft Olivia - Wild Tonight
6. General Degree - Have Weh Yu Wan
7. JT Money - Who Dat (DJ Emir Remix)
8. Obie Trice- Jamaican Girl
9. Tami Chynn - Be Mine
10. Dr. Evil - Jamaica
11. Dr. Evil - Wan More Punnani
12. Beenie Man - We Set Di Trend
13. Idonia - Chicken Head
14. Elephant Man - Gone Up
15. Wayne Marshal - I Forgot Them
16. Cham ft. Akon - Ghetto Story (Remix)
17. Daddy Yankee - (Rompe Remix)
18. Lil Jon - Snap Ya Fingaz
19. Shareefa - Need A Boss
20. Ice Cube ft Snoop Dog - Go To Church
21. Trendz Of Culture - I Wish
22. The Roots - Silent Treatment (Black Thought Remix)
23. Flipsyde - Happy Birthday
24. MIMS - I Did You Wrong
25. Bubba Sparxxx - Heat It Up
26. T.I. - Why You Wanna
27. Sage& T.I. - Why You Wanna Remix
28. Styles P. ft. Rashad - Favorite One
29. T.I. - Why You Wanna
30. Talib Kweli - Listen
31. Sean Paul- Give It Up To Me (Remix)
32. Cassie - Me & U (P. Diddy Remix)
33. Cassie - Me & U (Remix)
34. Funkologist - Knod Your Head To This
35. Bubba Sparxxx - Ms. New Booty
36. Bun B Ft Ying Yang Twinz - Git It Gurl
37. Beenie Man - Hmm Hmm
38. Notch - V.I.P. Get Back
39. Sizzla - Hot Like Fire
40. Nelly Furtado ft. Timbaland- Promiscious
41. Pitbull - Bojangles
42. Ms. Trinity - Bongce Along
43. Sean Paul - Temperature (Remix)
44. Outro

Mixtape Volume 6

Mixtape Vol6 Gets Mixtape Review Award 5 out of 5 starsMixtape Reviews:

"The Mixtapes Are Hot:
Straight Banging Hip Hop & Reggae Mixes
on each CD.
Emir's Mixtapes are as James Bond would say-
"Shaken Not Stirred" for that hot Nightclub sound
that will keep you dancing at your next party or
knoding your head in your ride. Overall the Mixtape was, and still is extremely entertaining.

DJ Emir's Mixtape Volume 6 gets our highest rating:
5 Out of 5 Stars"

-Trent W. of The Mixtape Review

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