Friday, May 04, 2007

The Third World War Has Started!- The Mixtape Wars

The recent slew of mixtape raids have caught a ton of media attention. But it wasn't the first time. Other DJs have been hit by the music industry giants. DJs like DJ Rectangle who was hit with lawsuits a few years back and many others.

It's ludicrous that the same industry that uses mixtapes to promote it's new music also turns it back on the DJs, the lifeblood that sustain the empire. They want DJs to distribute mixtapes with their music on them as a form of street promotion and they want the DJs to play their music at the major nightclubs across the globe. But they quickly turn their back when a DJ gets caught up in the Legal entanglement of Copyright Infringement. You just can't have it both ways. And just like ambiguity in land property line disputes, the ambiguity of where players in the music industry stand on the subject of DJs and DJ Mixtapes also leads us all to conflict and eventually war.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor forced the "Sleeeping Dragon" to join the battle and now the Mixtape Raid on DJ Drama needs to have a similar effect on the music industry. It's time to fight back. DJ's, Music Reps, Music Artists and Music Executives need to get together and rise up against the hypocrosy. If they don't it will be just like world War 2, and the Genocide of the Hip Hop Culture, The Techno Culture and any other Music industry that has come to depend on Mixtapes and Nightclub DJs will soon fall.

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