Monday, December 22, 2008

Ironman Mixtape Hits the Mark with its High Level Intensity and Diversity

The Iron Man movie was a blast. We all loved the movie and now we all love the mixtape! The follow up to the Transformers mixtape finally arrived at our offices and the feelings were unanimous. This mixtape is insane! One of the hottest DJ mixes we have in our mixtape collection. The Mixtape starts off with a super hardcore intro litterally calling out all Deejays with no skills by utilizing lines from Ludacris' song "Tell It Like It Is"and KRS One's "The DJ"
DJ Emir basically puts the lines together by scratching and cutting up the records using his hands and skills to state:

"Things ain't always what they seem or [scratch Scratch] cracked out to be like all these fakin ass... [Scratch Scratch] DJs, all these fakin ass.. D-D-D-Deejays in the industry" Then continues with "Get Your Business right Boys the First [Scratch Scratch] Cla-Cla-Cla-Class is in session... Lets get into this... if you got serato [scratch Scratch scratch] Bra-br-bra-bravo but if you can't cu-cu-cu-cut vinyl records you won't be able to fa-fa-fa-follow me!"

So the mixtape starts off at full blast and just never backs down. It bangs out extreme mixes and insane remixes the rest of the way through and leaves you wanting more. DJ Emir's quick mix style is what gives his mixtapes their intense energy and wow factor. It also is the reason Emir is able to jam over 60 tracks of heat into his mixtapes. The Iron Man Mixtape really lives up to the "Real Mixtapes" standard and continues the legacy of great mixtapes that the franchise has come to stand for. The quality of the mixes and the overall production on the mixtape is superb. The party is non stop and is definitly in the house whenever you pop this baby into your CD player or Ipod.
We at the Great Hip Hop Music Blogspot whole heartedly recomend DJ Emir's Ironman mixtape and also his Transformers Mixtape (VIP Nightclub magazines 2008 Mixtape of the year) as crucial additions to any avid mixtape collectors ultimate mixtape collection.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Transformers Mixtape Crowned Mixtape of The Year

Mixtape of The Year: And The winner is...
DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape

Our pick for Mixtape of the year was an easy landslide winner. DJ Emir's Transformers Mixtape simply blew past the mixtape competition. The sophistication, level of the mixing and overall production made this an instant mixtape classic and an instant office favorite. Many of us recieved the mixtape over 8 months ago and are still banging it in our rides to this day! That says a ton considering most of us listen to a mixtape only once or twice before getting bored and moving on.

The mixes on the Transformers Mixtape were very well thought out and put together with a mastery rarely found on other mixtapes. The mixtape game has been "transformed" back to it's roots, "the ultimate party in a box." You won't find fade outs, overt yellin or gunshots covering song fades, the only fades you'll find on The Transformers mixtape is DJ Emir cutting it up with the fader. Real mixing, surprising remixes, superior mix sets and a true mixtape theme that tie this mixtape together and transform it into an instant mixtape classic worthy of the title Mixtape of the Year

Guess we weren't the only Ones that were ultra impressed by DJ Emir's Transformers mixtape it was our pick for mixtape of the year as well and we made sure everyone we encountered in our travels and everyone we worked with, hung out with or partied with had a listen to our pick for mixtape of the year. Apparently others thought the same way and the Mixtape was also labelled mixtape of the year by Two other publications including VIP Nightclub Magazine and the Mixtape Review Board.

If you don't already have the Transformers Mixtape we highly recomend that you go get it as soon as possible. From what we heard the supplies for the mixtape were dwindling down to almost zero and they had to order another batch to meet the demand. So don't miss out on One of the hottest mixtapes in recent history. Get your copies today at

we would also recommend other mixtapes in the series including the StarWars Mixtape the Drunken Master Mixtape, and the Last Dragon Mixtape Also look for future releases at including the highly anticipated Ironman Mixtape which Emir assured us would be ready to ship by the time we wrote this review. We anxiously await to see if he can reproduce or top the Transformers mixtape in style and quality.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hip Hop's Coming of Age

With it's huge popularity spike in the late 1990's and early 2000's Hip Hop now is the predominant sound heard coming out of almost every major nightclub in America. Unlike many past generations where there has been a huge jump musically, Hip Hop has spanned several generations of fans. For many new fans it may be hard to believe that Hip Hop is as old as their parents that it actually started over 30 years ago in the urban ghettos of The Bronx and Queens New York. Given that the MC appears to be at the core of Hip Hop as we now know it, it may be hard for this generation to understand that it was always the DJ that ultimately was the heart and soul of Hip Hop music and its resulting culture. But as Hip Hop continued to evolve over the past three decades it commercialized and greedy profiteers tried to seperate the elements of Hip Hop (Deejaying, Emceeing, Breaking & Art/Graphiti) deeming the MC as more important than the DJ when it came to selling "the product" and would seperate the two. But in the end it would be inevitable that Hip Hop would One day mature and want to be reunited with the creators it ran away from. Today we are witnessing Hip Hop's new coming of age.

While in many ways it may seem that the DJ has practically been removed from the equation, there is a huge movement taking Hip Hop back to it's roots. DJs are now remixing many classics and adding more classic Hip Hop and disco era tracks back into rotation. They are breathing new life back into the staggnating beats and limiting views that "Rap Music" was starting to create.

While Hip Hop once was centered around loops created from pre-existing Funk, Rock, Soul & Disco records it moved away from this practice and as a result partially lost it's soul. Beats became stagnant, and lyrics also took a dive for commercial gains. Newer generations lost touch with the music of the previous generations and many of the old fans were left to wonder what happened to their favorite artists leading to NAS' question "where are they now?"

There are a select few from these eras that still put out albums and singles that have the strength to go the distance. Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, KRS One, Guru, Too Short, E-40 and a few others along with later generations like Nas, Jay-Z, and a handful of others. All others from those eras now exist only through their fans, their legacies and the Deejays that still have their records and still play them to thousands of new fans.

Hip Hop is still evolving, it once was all about the perfect party vibe or getting out an important message then branched out to its darker side with Gangster Rap, Hardcore and more violent lyrics. It now is again evolving, taking Techno and Electro head on by actually using and modifying Electro beats and sounds and incorporating it into the Hip Hop genre. The playing speed of hip hop has widened in range to now also include Electronic nightclub music speeds making it even more accesible and energetic for todays nightclub crowds.

So now we ask once again, "what of the original Hip Hop gurus, where are they now?" They're making a comeback from the unsung heroes that have been there for Hip Hop (and music in general) the whole time, the Deejays. Deejays are digging in their crates blending and mashing up the old with the new and the new with the newer, the Rock with Hip Hop and Techno. It is Hip Hop's coming of age, it has come full circle and now Hip Hop is being created again the way it was always intended, without the boundries we later labeled it with. Boundries like "Rap Music vs Techno vs Country vs Rock" the boundries have been erased and the music that is being re-created is purely amazing. Public Enemy gets remixed over a DJ Khaled beat, Eric B and Rakim classics remixed over newer Timbaland beats, LL Cool J over DJ Feli Fel Beats, Jay-Z over Hard Rock Hits you name it and someone has masterfully re-created it. DJ's like The Rockit-Scientists, DJ Sizzahandz, John Farrugio, DJ Emir, Victor Menegaux, DJ Z-Trip, DJ AM, The Klutch Beat Boutique and countless others.

While we as huge fans of Das EFX would personally love to see the boys back in the game, we will gladly listen to their classics and remixes of their classics again and again in the clubs, on the mixtapes and in mixshow sets across the globe, from the new breed of Deejays that are breathing new life back into the nightclub scenes and Hip Hop scenes of the world.

If you want to hear some hot classic cuts revisited there are several hot Deejays that we recommend you see live. DJ Z-Trip, DJ AM, DJ Emir, DJ Craze, DJ Riz and DJ A-Trak

Amongst those Deejays that create remix blends, mashups and mixtapes there are a few choice Deejay websites of note: Z-Trip is one of the original mashup kings, and some consider him as one of the fathers of mashup mixes. He is an amazing DJ when seen live at the nightclubs. Home of one of the livest overall nightclub Deejays in the world. The site also features several hot mixtapes including personal favorites the Transformers mixtape , the Iron Man Mixtape and the Star Wars Mixtape home of the multi DMC world Championship title winning DJ. If you get a chance see him Live at the clubs, the boy is insane. Open your minds and listen, watch and observe a true DJ as he shows everyone the meaning of true skill and mastery of the turntables. One of the worlds most sought after Deejays, AM is a Friday resident at Pure nightclub Las Vegas and also resident at LAX Sunday Nights. He travels the globe Deejaying the worlds top nightclubs and parties and really knows how to put down exciting DJ sets and performances.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Lil Wayne Disses the Mixtape DJ's

Lil' Wayne: "F*ck All Mixtape DJs...
I'm not into all that sh*t. I don't know no mixtape DJ"

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about Lil' Wanye disrespecting all mixtape DJs.

More DJ Drama:
Lil' Wanye is at it again. The self-professed "best rapper alive" is once again pushing the envelope on the outrageous things rappers say, by insulting hip-hop's scared DJ fraternity.
During an interview with Foundation magazine (a mixtape publication) Weezy F. Baby, who is no stranger to outlandish interview quotables, went nuts and cursed out the entire mixtape DJ fraternity. He even went as far as to compare himself to the founder of the Nobel Peace prize, while claiming to have created the "mixtape game".

When asked who were some of the first mixtape DJs he remembers, Mr. Carter had this to say:
"I ain't into all that," said Wayne. I don't remember no mixtape DJs. Tell this dude who he talking to right now. I'm not into all that sh*t. I don't know no mixtape DJ. I'm the orignator of something. I'ma give him some history. I'm like Authur Nobel. Or whatever his name is. You know the Nobel prize peace (sic) person. You know him? He created gunpowder and all them mass destruction things that killed millions of people. But before he died to clear up his name he, to make his name better, instead of people knowing him for that sh*t he began giving out peace prizes to people that do humanitary good. So now when you hear the Nobel Peace Prize; what you think that is.? That's all good, great. But that n*gga was a mass...that's who I am. I'm him. I created the mixtape game, but I'm not into that no more. I'm doing Dwayne. I'm against it. I'm anti-mixtape dude. I don't know no mixtape DJs. f*ck ya if you a mixtape DJ. I'm not ino ya'll selling me out. I ain't with that. I'm on 25 Top 25 and I ain't even put out 25 mixtapes. f*ck ya'll! f*ck that piff! f*ck mixtape DJs! f*ck all that!"

Weezy, Wezzy Weezy. I'm at a loss here. First let me commend on your valiant effort to school the interviewer with your wealth of world history knowledge. If I may, allow me to get some of your facts straight. Just so the readers are clear. Dude's name is Alfred Nobel not Authur. And those mass destruction things...well they're called dynamite. Don't worry, George W. Bush once mistook a few muskets and bee-bee guns in Saddam Hussein's backyard as WMDs and bombed an entire country.

Ultimately, I've always taken your outlandish talk as nothing more than a drunken stupor. I know you've probably already forgotten you've said this, and I strongly doubt there will be any unified DJ backlash for it. The game is oversaturated with too many self-serving DJs to even think there will be a mass Lil' Wayne blackout.

T.I. Takes The High Road, Shakes Off 50 Cent Jab

written by Brandi Hopper for SOHH
The rumor mill has been buzzing about a possible new rap beef since 50 Cent's song "You So Tough" hit the net.
As SOHH previously reported, Fif seemingly took aim at T.I. on the track, accusing him of getting a sweetheart deal in his federal gun case because he's a snitch.
On the track off the upcoming G-Unit album Terminate On Sight, 50 raps:
"Nowaways this rap sh*t ain't adding up / How n*ggas get caught with 10 machine guns, only get 12 months? / Oo-weee, don't talk to me / If you talking to him, you talking to them.../ I got the best lawyers that money can buy / they say at best they woulda got me 10 or maybe 9 / I said, how do you explain how the homie breezed? / They said, you keep your mouth shut or you eat the cheese."
T.I. responded, without really responding at all when SOHH's Atlanta blogger Gyant caught up with him in the A recently.
"He politely told me that it's unlike Fiddy to say stuff in songs and not just say it directly, and that he really doesn't want to perpetuate any negativity, so he wasn't going to respond to it," Gyant said.
As previously reported by SOHH, The self proclaimed King of the South is currently serving a year on house arrest and putting in at least 1,000 hours of community service. He'll also serve a year in jail and pay a $100,000 fine behind his guilty plea in the federal gun case.
[For more on your favorite ATL artists peep SOHH Atlanta]

Beta Nightclub Denver Colorado

Beatport gives birth to a new club.

By Jon Solomon
Published on March 13, 2008
Westword Magazine

Denver-based pretty much dominates the world of electronic and dance-music downloads through its online store. The guys behind Beatport know the music inside out and have been booking some of the world's best DJs for the past decade — so it seems only fitting that they've finally opened their own club. They bought the 16,000-square-foot building at 1909 Blake Street that had held Rise, overhauled it and this past weekend showed off their new spot, Beta Nightclub.

Since Beta will showcase heavy-hitters in the DJ world, it has a hell of a sound system: Beta is the first club in North America with the new Dance Array 4 Speaker Stack System by Funktion-One, the award-winning English company. Taking advantage of this killer system will be New York's DVDJ Unique, who'll bring his audio-visual mash-ups on Fridays, and the Triad Dragons crew (residents Dragon, Trajikk and Kostas), with top-notch acts like Paul van Dyk and Armin van Buuren on Global Thursdays. On Saturday nights, the club will feature such internationally celebrated DJs as Jesse Rose (March 29) and Dimitri From Paris (April 26), as well as's resident DJ, Jonas Tempel. Also on Saturdays, the Beatport Lounge will host DJs Clark Warner and Wyatt Earp. Essentially a club within the club, the lounge has its own Funktion-One sound system and is 100 percent green. For that matter, all of Beta is designed to be environmentally friendly, and recycling centers will be installed at major traffic points.
Watch for Beta's VIP grand-opening party on Wednesday, March 19, with Z-Trip. And over Memorial Day weekend, the club will dedicate its 5,000-square-foot patio with some help from Bad Boy Bill, DJ Vice and James Zabiela.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gemini Birthday Blast at Theorie Nightclub:
DJ Emir & Kevin Kains Birthday Party at Theorie Thursday June 19th

Free Mixtapes for the sexy dressed
Ladies Free til 11pm
Hip Hop, Reggae and Remixes by Denver's Hottest Deejays.
Jam to the sounds of DJ Emir, DJ Big Spade, DJ Sabotage & DJ Fatal

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 Bad Business Practices

So we come across an unscrupulous company that has taken advantage of several of our associates. It begins with a simple listing and escalates to a full blown contract which according to them is impossible to get out of. The real question is, If their service is good why do they need to resort to full year contracts? Second question: If someone decides they need more coverage why is it necessary to also extend the contract when they upgrade the account?

Our associates basically got caught up by the second problem. They weren't getting enough coverage in their city and wanted to upgrade the account to include the entire city and not just the small rural area they lived in. Otherwise the advertisement would not be able to pay for itself. Unfortunately was not very clear that they were going to have to extend the contract another full to re-start at the date of the upgrade. So rather than just add a few features and more money to the account they also extended the amount of time on the contract by a whole year.

Trying to resolve the situation our associate only wanted to be able to cancel the contract after the original contract date of completion which would have been back in march completing a full year of payments from March 2007 to March of 2008 but refuses to honor that original contract date stating that the n"new contract cancels out the old one and that essentially now the contract runs all the way into September of 2008.

After explaining that the client was not happy with the performance and that he would like to make sure the ads were cancelled as soon as possible, the sales associate assured him that the ads would be cancelled and no more bills would come in after the end of the contract which was set to expire in March 2008. He had specified that the ads would stop in March of 2008, but then the bill for March came so another phone call was made to the sales rep. and the sales rep explained that it runs til the end of the month so there would still be a bill for March but that should be the last one.

Fast forward one month later same situation, The April bill arrives for another $200, At this point our associate has had enough and refuses to pay until the situation is resolved. The sales rep promises to look into it and take care of the problem. No return phone call is made however and one month later phone calls from the collections department verify that the problem still exists. More Bills come in the mail for May, and every time our associate explains the situation to their collections department they all say the same thing, your contract was renewed and extended to September. Trying to resolve the issue our associate made more phone calls to his sales rep and to his sales reps manager. Phone calls were not returned so he filed a grievance with the BBB (Better Business Bureu) Stating that all he wanted was for the people to simply honor the original contract dates and cancell the Ad contract in March of 2008 rather than September.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

DJ Emir at Karma Nightclub In Grenada April 5th

DJ Emir at Karma Nightclub in St George Grenada

Saturday April 5th Hip Hop Reggae Massive at Karma Nightclub with One of The United States Top Nightclub and Mixtape Deejay Selectas, DJ Emir The Internet Mixtape King!

With his extensive music background and previous Dancehall Reggae Super Club nights
DJ Emir will most likely be killing it huge in Grenada on Saturday April 5th.

One of the best Nightclub and mixtape DJs in the US, DJ Emir will be flying in from the United States with his ussual slew of exclusive remixes and some of the hottest Dancehall remixes the island has ever heard to tear up the the club on Saturday night. With Busses leaving from SGU campus directly to Karma Nightclub the place will be packed with the Islands hottest and sexiest nightclub clientele. Early arrival is suggested. Busses Leave SGU Campus at 10pm!

Call 409-2582 for VIP Reservations or Bottle Service!
Print the invite above for discount entry!

PS: Grenada, Now is your chance to pick up DJ Emir's hot New Mixtape the Transformers Mixtape! That's our favorite mixtape and our pick for mixtape of the year, so go down to Karma in Grenada on Saturday April 5th and get a free copy for yourself! This is going to be huge!

PS: to Book DJ Emir for Your Event Call 303 995-0875

or visit

More DJ Emir Events on the Calendar ADD Your Event Today!

DJ Emir Transformers Mixtape CD

Friday, January 25, 2008

Denver Celebrity Promoter Big Rog's Birthday Splash at DC10 Tues Jan29th

Come Celebrate Roger’s Birthday This Tuesday Sept 29th at DC10
950 Lincoln St. Denver Colorado.
DJ Emir & DJ Big Spade
Kevin Kain, Laylow & of course Big Rog.

Ladies Free Til 12am
Ladies Drink Free Til 10pm
Call 720-422-3619 for Bottle Service & VIP Reservations

Come celebrate the Birthday of Denver's Biggest Promoter
Big Rog, The CEO of
The man who has brought Denver it's largest events and Nightclub Parties
including Chocolate City, Baha Beach Club, Denver Live, and was responsible for introducing Denver to New York style Nightclub Events, performances and celebrity parties. Roger has been one of Denver's major players in the nightclu and event scene of Denver. His Birthday party at DC10 First Class Lounge will be a huge gathering of "Who's Who" in the Denver's Nightclub and Celebrity scene.

We're flying in for the event, because everytime we've been in Denver he has treated us royaly and shown us a great time at all of Denver's hottest nightclubs and lounges.

Big Rog's Birthday will feature trhe hottest music from two of his own personal favorite Denver Celebrity DJ's: DJ Big Spade & DJ Emir. And while it's Big Rog's Birthday, Roger will be the one giving away the gifts, From T-shirts, To Mixtapes to Gift Cards and merchandise from the favorite stores frequented by the sexiest ladies.

Whatever your plans were cancel em'!
Just don't miss Denver's Celebrity Birthday Event of the year
Big Rog's Birthday Splash at DC10 Ultra-Lounge Tuesday Jan 29th 2008!
-The Great Hip Hop Blog Spot

Friday, January 18, 2008

Method Man Ponders Lil' Kim's Goodies.

Method Man Ponders Lil' Kim's Goodies.

If you missed Method Man and Lil' Kim on DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 radio show on Sirius you missed one of the finer moments of candid on-air comedy. During the tail end of Kim's interview, in which she addresses Remy Ma as "Remy Man," Meth walked in and turned the room into a straight laugh factory.[Listen Here]

The Wu-Tang MC put R. Kelly's stinky armpits on blast, poked fun of Diddy and took shots at metro-sexual rappers. Nothing was off limits to Meth, not even the quality of Lil' Kim's notorious coochie. "Is the p*ssy good?"

Hmmm? Valid question. She has gotten a few cats to trick off some real high-end luxury items. Heck, she's even gotten a career from it. I'll toss that one to the peanut gallery. What's the verdict on Kimmy's magic box? And just how many licks does it really take?

Everyone's Favorite Rap Artist Has the Fundamental Linguistics Skills of An 8 Year Old

"Non conceptual non-exeptional, everybody's either crime related or sexual"
- O.C. from his oldschool single "Times up"

It seems that everybody’s favorite rapper these days is illiterate or, at best, reads at a fourth-grade level. Intelligent lyricism has fallen by the wayside, while catchy meaningless grunting combined with repetitive party beats have invaded the airwaves. Here are 10 songs that you are guaranteed not to hear on the radio or see on “TRL”. You have probably heard of maximum three artists on this underground mixtape. If this is indeed the case and you consider yourself a fan of this corrupted art form we call hip-hop, please take a few minutes and feel very ashamed of yourself. Then do some research and open your ears to some rap music that’s not blasting up from south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

— Gabe Hernandez ’07, who most certainly included himself on the mix.

1. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. GZA - “On the Eve of War” from Legacy of Blood
2. Non Phixion - “Black Helicopters” from The Future is Now
3. The Arsonists - “Pyromaniax” from As the World Burns
4. Sage Francis - “Slow Down Gandhi” from A Healthy Distrust
5. R.A. the Rugged Man and J-Live - “Give it Up” from Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture
6. De La Soul feat. MF DOOM - “Rock Co.Kane Flow” from The Grind Date
7. Immortal Technique - “The 4th Branch” from Revolutionary Vol. 2
8. Del tha Funkee Homosapien - “Virus” from Deltron 3030
9. Black Moon - “War Zone” from War Zone
10. The Skeptics feat. MC Platano - “Long Way from Home” from The Equinox

We do aknowledge there are still some great Artists out there that are more familiar for instance:

As far as mainstream (used to be underground artists) that actually do have mad skill we would aslo add our favorites: Busta Rhymes who's rhyme and Cadence are superb.

also on the list of great artists that are also well known, would be LL Cool J "who also has held his own since the early days of Hip Hop.

Other ultra tight "Lyricists" that can hold it down on the mic- Nas, AZ, Jay-Z, Beenie Man, Redman, Methodman, Das EFX, Heltah Skeltah, Smiff n Wesson, The High n The Mighty, NINE, Tech Nine, Common, Jadakiss, Styles P, The Funkologist, Guru, Sticky Fingaz and Skillz to name a few.

As the queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige can do no wrong as she continues to drop classic albums and provide the blueprint of what a female singer should be about. But there may be unrest in the royal court as Queen Mary told Vibe magazine about the consequences of having a happy kingdom. "When I took the chance to show people I can be happy, I lost a million of my fans," the Grammy winner said.

"I was like, 'I'm gonna have to lose y'all in order for us to live, because if I keep going down this dark hole, we're all gonna die together. I'm gonna slit my wrists or take some pills, and it's gonna be over.’"

Personnally I like the party vibes joints Mary used to put out so Dark or Happy Mary is always a huge hit in my book. And who could be mad at Mary for finally fulfilling one of her songs wishes "All I Want to be, is be Happy" which by the way had a ton of hot mixes from the original to the Ron G remix to the remix with Keith Murray on it that was one of the hottest singles ever put out and ever remixed.

Rihanna Gets Paid Big on New Year's Eve

While you and yours were out painting the town red and drunk in the new year, Rihanna was getting her hustle on in Moscow. According to, the singer was paid $500,000 by Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska, for a 40-minute private performance for him and a few of his colleagues on New Year's Eve. $500K for 40 minutes may seem like a bit much (especially since most clubs and bars charged an arm and a leg to occupy the joining when the ball dropped) but for Deripaska, it wasn’t nothing. His net worth is $13.3 billion, after all. So the moral of the story is hard work and a little sing and dance can buy you plenty of umbrellas (-ellas, -ellas eh eh eh) and a few more items to make 2008 that much more affordable. Gotta love the spirit of American hustle. Just don’t let the money make you.

Jay-Z & Beyonce: Look at All These Rumors Can't Take it No More

Representatives for Jay-Z have once again shot down reports that the superstar rapper/mogul has married his world famous girlfriend, singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.

"The reports are not true," a member of the rapper’s inner-circle

While the representative denied the claims, reports continue to come from other sources, who report that the pair were married during a secret ceremony at Giorgio Armani’s house in Paris, France.

The rumors state that the pair opted for matching tattoos on their ring fingers as opposed to traditional wedding bans.

The rumors were recently given credibility, when the superstar couple was spotted in public sporting matching "IV" [forever] tattoos on their ring fingers.

Sources also claim that Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z’s child. This is the third time the rumor has surfaced since October 2005.

In a recent report in The Mirror, a source close to Beyonce claims that she is indeed pregnant with Jay-Z‘s child.

"Beyonce is giving nothing away," the source claimed. "She's always been close to her parents and open about wanting a large family of her own one day."

Nate Dogg Suffers A Stroke- Singer/Rap Artist in Rehab

Reps for artist Nate Dogg have officially confirmed the state of his medical condition, following reports earlier this month that the singer suffered a stroke in late December.

His manager, Rod McGrew confirmed last night that Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Hale, was left paralyzed on the left side of his body, by what was described as a mild stroke shortly before the Christmas holiday.

The 39-year-old singer, known for his collaborations with Hip-Hop artists from Warren G to Ludacris, is currently being treated at an occupational rehab facility.

McGrew went on to say that although Nate Dogg has some "neural-muscular issues that have to be jump-started," he has not suffered any brain damage and his voice has not been affected by his current condition, McGrew told MTV News.

"Time will tell everything, obviously," McGrew added. "But based on situations with similar people his age, and based on his health, the prognosis is good right now."

McGrew’s comments come only days after various websites posted audio of the 911 phone call placed from Nate Dogg’s girlfriend, to paramedics.

Nate Dogg was reportedly treated at Panoma Valley Hospital from December 19 to December 26.

On behalf of the singer and his family, McGrew has asked that Nate Dogg be granted the needed privacy to continue on his path to recovery.