Friday, January 25, 2008

Denver Celebrity Promoter Big Rog's Birthday Splash at DC10 Tues Jan29th

Come Celebrate Roger’s Birthday This Tuesday Sept 29th at DC10
950 Lincoln St. Denver Colorado.
DJ Emir & DJ Big Spade
Kevin Kain, Laylow & of course Big Rog.

Ladies Free Til 12am
Ladies Drink Free Til 10pm
Call 720-422-3619 for Bottle Service & VIP Reservations

Come celebrate the Birthday of Denver's Biggest Promoter
Big Rog, The CEO of
The man who has brought Denver it's largest events and Nightclub Parties
including Chocolate City, Baha Beach Club, Denver Live, and was responsible for introducing Denver to New York style Nightclub Events, performances and celebrity parties. Roger has been one of Denver's major players in the nightclu and event scene of Denver. His Birthday party at DC10 First Class Lounge will be a huge gathering of "Who's Who" in the Denver's Nightclub and Celebrity scene.

We're flying in for the event, because everytime we've been in Denver he has treated us royaly and shown us a great time at all of Denver's hottest nightclubs and lounges.

Big Rog's Birthday will feature trhe hottest music from two of his own personal favorite Denver Celebrity DJ's: DJ Big Spade & DJ Emir. And while it's Big Rog's Birthday, Roger will be the one giving away the gifts, From T-shirts, To Mixtapes to Gift Cards and merchandise from the favorite stores frequented by the sexiest ladies.

Whatever your plans were cancel em'!
Just don't miss Denver's Celebrity Birthday Event of the year
Big Rog's Birthday Splash at DC10 Ultra-Lounge Tuesday Jan 29th 2008!
-The Great Hip Hop Blog Spot

Friday, January 18, 2008

Method Man Ponders Lil' Kim's Goodies.

Method Man Ponders Lil' Kim's Goodies.

If you missed Method Man and Lil' Kim on DJ Whoo Kid's Shade 45 radio show on Sirius you missed one of the finer moments of candid on-air comedy. During the tail end of Kim's interview, in which she addresses Remy Ma as "Remy Man," Meth walked in and turned the room into a straight laugh factory.[Listen Here]

The Wu-Tang MC put R. Kelly's stinky armpits on blast, poked fun of Diddy and took shots at metro-sexual rappers. Nothing was off limits to Meth, not even the quality of Lil' Kim's notorious coochie. "Is the p*ssy good?"

Hmmm? Valid question. She has gotten a few cats to trick off some real high-end luxury items. Heck, she's even gotten a career from it. I'll toss that one to the peanut gallery. What's the verdict on Kimmy's magic box? And just how many licks does it really take?

Everyone's Favorite Rap Artist Has the Fundamental Linguistics Skills of An 8 Year Old

"Non conceptual non-exeptional, everybody's either crime related or sexual"
- O.C. from his oldschool single "Times up"

It seems that everybody’s favorite rapper these days is illiterate or, at best, reads at a fourth-grade level. Intelligent lyricism has fallen by the wayside, while catchy meaningless grunting combined with repetitive party beats have invaded the airwaves. Here are 10 songs that you are guaranteed not to hear on the radio or see on “TRL”. You have probably heard of maximum three artists on this underground mixtape. If this is indeed the case and you consider yourself a fan of this corrupted art form we call hip-hop, please take a few minutes and feel very ashamed of yourself. Then do some research and open your ears to some rap music that’s not blasting up from south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

— Gabe Hernandez ’07, who most certainly included himself on the mix.

1. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. GZA - “On the Eve of War” from Legacy of Blood
2. Non Phixion - “Black Helicopters” from The Future is Now
3. The Arsonists - “Pyromaniax” from As the World Burns
4. Sage Francis - “Slow Down Gandhi” from A Healthy Distrust
5. R.A. the Rugged Man and J-Live - “Give it Up” from Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture
6. De La Soul feat. MF DOOM - “Rock Co.Kane Flow” from The Grind Date
7. Immortal Technique - “The 4th Branch” from Revolutionary Vol. 2
8. Del tha Funkee Homosapien - “Virus” from Deltron 3030
9. Black Moon - “War Zone” from War Zone
10. The Skeptics feat. MC Platano - “Long Way from Home” from The Equinox

We do aknowledge there are still some great Artists out there that are more familiar for instance:

As far as mainstream (used to be underground artists) that actually do have mad skill we would aslo add our favorites: Busta Rhymes who's rhyme and Cadence are superb.

also on the list of great artists that are also well known, would be LL Cool J "who also has held his own since the early days of Hip Hop.

Other ultra tight "Lyricists" that can hold it down on the mic- Nas, AZ, Jay-Z, Beenie Man, Redman, Methodman, Das EFX, Heltah Skeltah, Smiff n Wesson, The High n The Mighty, NINE, Tech Nine, Common, Jadakiss, Styles P, The Funkologist, Guru, Sticky Fingaz and Skillz to name a few.

As the queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige can do no wrong as she continues to drop classic albums and provide the blueprint of what a female singer should be about. But there may be unrest in the royal court as Queen Mary told Vibe magazine about the consequences of having a happy kingdom. "When I took the chance to show people I can be happy, I lost a million of my fans," the Grammy winner said.

"I was like, 'I'm gonna have to lose y'all in order for us to live, because if I keep going down this dark hole, we're all gonna die together. I'm gonna slit my wrists or take some pills, and it's gonna be over.’"

Personnally I like the party vibes joints Mary used to put out so Dark or Happy Mary is always a huge hit in my book. And who could be mad at Mary for finally fulfilling one of her songs wishes "All I Want to be, is be Happy" which by the way had a ton of hot mixes from the original to the Ron G remix to the remix with Keith Murray on it that was one of the hottest singles ever put out and ever remixed.

Rihanna Gets Paid Big on New Year's Eve

While you and yours were out painting the town red and drunk in the new year, Rihanna was getting her hustle on in Moscow. According to, the singer was paid $500,000 by Russian billionaire, Oleg Deripaska, for a 40-minute private performance for him and a few of his colleagues on New Year's Eve. $500K for 40 minutes may seem like a bit much (especially since most clubs and bars charged an arm and a leg to occupy the joining when the ball dropped) but for Deripaska, it wasn’t nothing. His net worth is $13.3 billion, after all. So the moral of the story is hard work and a little sing and dance can buy you plenty of umbrellas (-ellas, -ellas eh eh eh) and a few more items to make 2008 that much more affordable. Gotta love the spirit of American hustle. Just don’t let the money make you.

Jay-Z & Beyonce: Look at All These Rumors Can't Take it No More

Representatives for Jay-Z have once again shot down reports that the superstar rapper/mogul has married his world famous girlfriend, singer/actress Beyonce Knowles.

"The reports are not true," a member of the rapper’s inner-circle

While the representative denied the claims, reports continue to come from other sources, who report that the pair were married during a secret ceremony at Giorgio Armani’s house in Paris, France.

The rumors state that the pair opted for matching tattoos on their ring fingers as opposed to traditional wedding bans.

The rumors were recently given credibility, when the superstar couple was spotted in public sporting matching "IV" [forever] tattoos on their ring fingers.

Sources also claim that Beyonce is pregnant with Jay-Z’s child. This is the third time the rumor has surfaced since October 2005.

In a recent report in The Mirror, a source close to Beyonce claims that she is indeed pregnant with Jay-Z‘s child.

"Beyonce is giving nothing away," the source claimed. "She's always been close to her parents and open about wanting a large family of her own one day."

Nate Dogg Suffers A Stroke- Singer/Rap Artist in Rehab

Reps for artist Nate Dogg have officially confirmed the state of his medical condition, following reports earlier this month that the singer suffered a stroke in late December.

His manager, Rod McGrew confirmed last night that Nate Dogg, born Nathaniel Hale, was left paralyzed on the left side of his body, by what was described as a mild stroke shortly before the Christmas holiday.

The 39-year-old singer, known for his collaborations with Hip-Hop artists from Warren G to Ludacris, is currently being treated at an occupational rehab facility.

McGrew went on to say that although Nate Dogg has some "neural-muscular issues that have to be jump-started," he has not suffered any brain damage and his voice has not been affected by his current condition, McGrew told MTV News.

"Time will tell everything, obviously," McGrew added. "But based on situations with similar people his age, and based on his health, the prognosis is good right now."

McGrew’s comments come only days after various websites posted audio of the 911 phone call placed from Nate Dogg’s girlfriend, to paramedics.

Nate Dogg was reportedly treated at Panoma Valley Hospital from December 19 to December 26.

On behalf of the singer and his family, McGrew has asked that Nate Dogg be granted the needed privacy to continue on his path to recovery.