Friday, January 18, 2008

As the queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige can do no wrong as she continues to drop classic albums and provide the blueprint of what a female singer should be about. But there may be unrest in the royal court as Queen Mary told Vibe magazine about the consequences of having a happy kingdom. "When I took the chance to show people I can be happy, I lost a million of my fans," the Grammy winner said.

"I was like, 'I'm gonna have to lose y'all in order for us to live, because if I keep going down this dark hole, we're all gonna die together. I'm gonna slit my wrists or take some pills, and it's gonna be over.’"

Personnally I like the party vibes joints Mary used to put out so Dark or Happy Mary is always a huge hit in my book. And who could be mad at Mary for finally fulfilling one of her songs wishes "All I Want to be, is be Happy" which by the way had a ton of hot mixes from the original to the Ron G remix to the remix with Keith Murray on it that was one of the hottest singles ever put out and ever remixed.


  1. Anonymous1:06 AM

    i like your choice of artists here but id seriously add in talib kweli, eMC, and damn there are actually a lot of artists out there who still pose a threat in spitting real game..But im all with you about the mainstream music going down the drain

  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    damn this was for your post before this bad