Tuesday, March 10, 2009

DJ Ty Boogie and Mistarello.com Blend Brothers 2008 Mixtape

DJ Ty Boogie and Mistarello.com Blend Brothers 2008 (Blends 101 Class In Session) Mixtape www.mistarello.com

This is a really good example of a classic Blend mixtape. These two DJs really did a great job mixing and selecting their songs on all the blends. There are a ton of really great classic cuts that they remixed for this blend mixtape and most of the blend beats they chose worked well with the tracks they chose to remix.

We ran through quite a few blend mixtapes before choosing this one to let you al know about. Most of the blend mixtapes we found were simply compilations of remixes and not One hot continual mix. Not only that but many of the other blend mixtapes also had bad song choices and bad beat choices that didn't really blend well together. The whole point of a remix afterall is to make the remix at least as hot if not hotter than the original song. So many of the blend mixtapes were a bit of a disappointment. So when we found this one we were really happy to hear a continual mix of really great blends and mixes.

This mixtape was pretty much a heater from start to finish. Most of the blends were done really well and the overall vibe of the mixtape was excellent. This is a great mixtape for bumping in your ride, especially if you like some oldschool remixes. We'll be looking for more from these two DJs in the future, and we'll keep you posted on other hot mixtapes as well.
Check it out at www.mistarello.com

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