Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shooting at Beanie Sigel Birthday Party at Solo Nightclub S. Philadelphia

Beanie Sigel makes headlines for the wrong reasons once again, as the rapper's birthday party ended in violence.

The party, which took place last Friday (March 6) at Southern Philadelphia's Club Solo, had almost 600 attendies, according to

One person was shot inside the club, and a brawl involving numerous people ensued outside of it, according to police and a city official.

Sigel "was performing on stage at the club," said his attorney, Fortunato Perri Jr. "He was told later that something happened, but he didn't know who was involved," said Perri.

The shooting victim was Tyheem Baker, 24, who was shot in the upper left chest after getting into an argument with two males upon leaving the men's room.

Baker was taken to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and was listed in stable condition. He told police he doesn't know who shot him.

The District Attorney's Office is investigating the shooting. Police say that the surveillance system "mysteriously malfunctioned" inside the club, making identifying the shooter an even more difficult task.

Police are investigating whether those attending the celebration were properly searched by doormen, and whether they were properly carded. Obviously this club has issues with security breaches. Either poor searches at the door, or poor management of all the exits.

While this is not Beenie Sigels fault, and has more to do with the club itself, this still does not shed a good light on his stage show.

Sigel spent three months in federal prison last year for a third violation of his supervised release following a federal weapons conviction.

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