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Internet Real or Fake?

We found this great article about The internet and all the Fake MCs and DJs that try and manipulate it to look better than they are.

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It was written by: Big Chew on April 5, 2009 9:12 PM for
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Article By Big Chew follows:

Really Real?

Where to begin.

Well this is gonna start with the internet and end with the internet...literally since you're reading it on the internet.
I love the Internet. Where else can you get all the free music you've ever wanted? As a mixtape fan, where can you find all those lost classic tapes that made you a mixtape fan? Shit used to be scarce a few years ago, but with cats like Tapemasta and DJ Mars and a nice number of bloggers, shit is like Christmas every week. My Ipod touch stays stocked.

You also have on demand videos and new tracks. I mean who doesn't hit up Onsmash daily to see new videos and check what Legend has up for new music. Shit is like getting half a new Clue tape every other day. You know you're gonna find a couple tracks you fuck with and it's NEW.

You can also connect with like-minded people from all over the world. You can send beats to MCs you never would have had contact with. You can chat with DJs you never would have access to in1995. I love the Internet for that...seriously.

My beef with the Internet is, it's not REAL. Half these bitches aren't doing shit that they're talking about. In real life if you hit the block and say you got a new mixtape and it's running the streets people will know if you REALLY are. Online you produce a cover and a link to DatPiff and people take that as you are REALLY doing something when in fact you REALLY aren't. You have people touting the number of downloads for a project when in fact you don't even have to download to make the numbers go up, just click the link. To me that's like having a physical CD for sale, having 2000 people pick up the CD to look at it, but not buy it and then you claim you're changing the game. What the fuck is that? Then you got dudes claiming to be signing deals, running the clubs and if you go to their state, no one has heard of these fucking lames.

I know people have been doing "fake it till you make it" forever. The Internet just made it easier. There are no checks and balances with the Internet. Be it downloads, web hits, voting for awards or people just running their mouth on twitter or a message board telling tall tales of what there doing, while REALLY looking for spare change to cop a burrito. You never REALLY know and that right there has allowed mixtapes and hip hop to be infiltrated by lames that, if it was 10 years earlier, wouldn't even be able to make it to the gates of "the game" let alone get through the gates and be mentioned amongst those who have rightfully earned their spot!

One could argue that not having those gates is a good thing for music etc. In a few respects maybe, but those gates were part of keeping the music at a certain level of quality. With no gates you get the fiasco that happened with the last Mixtape Awards. With no gates, Datpiff is able to claim that they've helped make stars. With no gates, cornballs that wouldn't be hot with a 3rd degree case of the "bullhead clap" are winning awards. With no gates, Souljah Boy continues to make hits, while Jadakiss can't get on the "selling a hot single bus". The Internet has given every wanna-be a shot. Let that wanna-be catch a retard mistake on the Internet and next thing you know they have some credibility and cats are checking for them or biggin' up a website. It's gotten out of hand and it's gonna get worse with no checks and balances. Please, the next time you claim to be getting' checks, make sure your bullshit balances!

Perception is reality on the Internet and I'm here to tell you that THAT reality is false!

Here Was My Personal Comment Response to the article:

Your picture analogy is hilariously accurate. I love it. With myspace it's always... check out my music this and peep out our new video that... If you were real I'd have already checked out your music or video cause someone else, or really a ton of people, sites and media would have already force fed me your hot music.

If you are real you would at the very least be on or other digital distribution lists to get yourself in front of Real Nightclub and mixtape DJs. Those are the people that need your music. Most of them don't have all the time in the world to listen to every song profile on myspace. Serious people will go through a serious digital distribution source or record pool to get their music to all the DJs at once. If the music is good DJs will add it to their sets and try it out, break it and push it to their crowds, if it's wack you'll at least get feedback on why it's wack. Maybe you can improve and become better than you are. Fake people get weeded out and the real stays real and possibly blows up.

"Fake it til you make it" is sometimes a worth while path to make it, but it only works if you actually have the skills to make it. If you have the skills and just lack the opportunity, sometimes the right fake attention gets you the attention you need to make headway. If however you really are fake in all aspects, well lets just say everyone will know and after that "one break"... you break!

It's better to get your skills up and continuously find smaller publications and websites that might do an article or review while at the same time submitting to all the larger media as well. The smaller ones may give you a few small stories you can build your portfolio with. Then you are not faking your way up but rather making your way up the ladder. Occasionally you get that one jet pack article, TV show appearance or interview that boosts you straight to the top, but only if you do things right and have the right skills and appeal.

V. Vanguard Contributing Journalist for

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