Friday, June 26, 2009

Micheal Jackson Tribute Mixtape by J. Period

Seems like every DJ and every blogger has been up all night putting together their Michael Jackson tributes. J. Period sent this next mix over this morning. Along with a written dedication that sums up how many feel about MJ's Music.

"In the world of DJs, it is common practice to pay tribute to an artist the moment they pass. Biggie, 2Pac, Jay Dilla: stature grows exponentially the moment life expires, and once-critics praise genius once deceased. Artists become icons, and followers abound. As a DJ, I have always resisted the posthumous-tribute trend. Until now.

Last night, when I heard the news of Michael Jackson’s death, I thought first about the man: damaged, bizarre, cartoonish, tragic. I sighed the way you do when a sad story comes to an end.
But then I turned on his music. Song after song, album after album - like listening for the first time - and I was floored. Years of tabloid gossip, freakshow antics and facial reconstruction may have poisoned our perception of the man… but nothing can poison this music. And it occurred to me, more than anything else, that will define the legacy of Michael Jackson.

In the history of music’s bizarre personalities and tragic stories, no artist’s music will ever eclipse the perversity of the man quite like Michael Jackson. Our love of Kanye can only survive so many ego-rants. Not even R.Kelly’s brilliant songwriting can outshine his extra-curricular activities forever. But no matter what Michael Jackson did during his life, nothing could change the way we feel about his music.

So today, in an unprecedented move, I join the ranks of what will undoubtedly be 8 million DJ tributes with my own Michael Jackson tribute, entitled “Man or the Music.” It is no “greatest hits,” no “best of” mix like J.Period fans have come to know. It is simply a stream-of-consciousness mix of my own personal favorite Michael Jackson records, plus some unreleased rarities and demo versions of MJ classics. No matter what you think of the man, I hope you enjoy the music." - DJ J. Period

Listen to the Mixtape, Right Click and Save the Mixtape File Below
J.Period “Man or the Music”Michael Jackson Tribute31 TracksRuntime: 71:43

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