Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Superstar DJ of Epic Proportions

DJ Emir Santana, A Superstar DJ of Epic Proportions

One of the worlds most sought after DJs, Superstar DJ Emir Santana makes a huge splash wherever he goes. His larger than life DJ performances enliven every nightclub venue he plays at. With a keen sense of taste and a huge variety of music and unique remixes, DJ Emir captivates the crowd and energizes the dancefloor. DJ Emir's fans can be found in all corners of the world thanks to his travels, performances and his world famous mixtapes. Very few Deejays in the world can match Emir's energy, enthusiasm and overall skill and performance. A true artisan of the turntables, DJ Emir has earned the respect of his fans, the media, nightclub owners, colleagues and DJs around the world. He truely is a Superstar DJ of Epic Proportions.

We caught up with DJ Emir in Las Vegas where he put on an amazing show. His mixes were so crazy that we danced the whole night, alternating between dancing on the dancefloor, the mini stages and our table service booth. Everyone knows we here at the offices are all huge fans of DJ Emir's mixtapes. But as good as his mixtapes are, whenever we see Emir live we are always amazed at the much higher level of performance. There's definitly something about his live performances that just blows us away and subsequently also blows most other DJs out the water as well. He is a true DJ and a true performer always concentrating on delivering the best performance possible and providing nightclubs with the hottest most memorable parties.

We let Emir know we were in the building and had travelled from our Los Angeles offices to Las Vegas just to see him play. He thanked us for the on going support and offered to take us out on the town if we were free the next few days. Despite being a superstar DJ, DJ Emir was a gracious and very humble host, making sure we all had a great time. Knowing we were huge fans of DJ Emir's Transformers Mixtape, Emir got us in to see a premier of the New Transformers 2 Movie.

We had a great time hanging out with DJ Emir Santana, our favorite DJ and we really enjoyed his mixes and his company in Las Vegas. If you ever get a chance make sure you catch DJ Emir when he's in your City, He's a great DJ that always delivers!

With the new surpluss of weak DJs it is important to remember the great DJs that are still out there, the ones that are worth going out to see everytime they are in your town: DJ Craze, Serafin, DJ AM, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Emir, Riz and Sizzahands, Serge Sniper, and others from various cities.

Puerto Rican Born, New York raised DJ Emir has become Denver's Number One Nightclub DJ. DJ Emir, Denver's best DJ is available for bookings in Denver Colorado and all around the world with an amazing blend of Hip Hop, Reggae, Electro House and personal mashup remixes, DJ Emir blazes nightclubs like no other DJ. His amazing skills on the turntables elevate any nightclub's events to epic proportions. Don't settle for regular DJs, put this superstar DJ up in your club today and hear the difference for yourself. DJ Emir is one of the worlds top nightclub DJs for a reason. He puts his all into every mix, with personal live remixes and a love for the turntables his energy carries through and revitalizes every nightclub crowd leaving them wanting more. A Real DJ with no boundries, no specific genre and no limits. Just real turntables, real mixes, real skills... Real DJs Do Real Things.

- V. Vanguard Great Music Blog Spot

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