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Dangerous Dan Goes Hard at Martini Ranch

Martini Ranch Party with Special Guest DJ "Dangerous Dan Worldwide"
Story By: Vanessa V. Night Club Diva

One hot Night in June DJ Dangerous Dan turned Martini ranch into the party headquarters Denver has been needing!

DJ Dangerous Dan Worldwide at Denver's Martini Ranch Nightclub

We have been going to Martini Ranch Saturday nights for a while now. We love DJ Frank-E, we love the music he produces and wish him great fortunes and great experiences. We will miss him when he leaves to California and hope he will always remember and honor his Denver roots.

Denver's Martini Ranch has been rotating in DJs every few weeks to fill in for their Saturday night Resident DJ Frank E (Justin Franks) now that his production work has been taking off.

Frank-E, The Producer of the Flo-Rida hit song "Right Round" and Pitbull's "Go Girl" (to name a few) has been ultra busy producing new hot tracks for Flo-Rida, Madonna and several up and coming hot new music artists. Frank-E came up learning production at various locations and perfecting his skills with Adelio at Side-3 Studios in Denver Colorado. His production work is now taking him away from Denver Colorado, to Sunny Los Angeles California. With his more frequent trips and eventual move to California, Martini Ranch has been rotating in several DJs to cover Frank-E's vacant nights.

In their search for a possible new Saturday Night Resident DJ, Martini Ranch has tried out quite a few guest DJs. There have been quite a few Good DJs, a few decent DJs a few total bombs that probably should never be allowed to DJ again, and finally there were One or Two very strong DJs. This story is about One of the strong DJs that came through and anihalated the Martini Ranch back in June.

One hot Night in June DJ Dangerous Dan turns martini ranch into the party headquarters Denver has been needing! The night featured here is about one of the great party nights at Denver's Martini Ranch. DJ Dangerous Dan was on the turntables on this night and did a fantastic job blending and mashing up all the best music from so many different Genres we simply stopped counting. His extensive musical knowledge and ability to rock the crowd from open to close made this one of the more memorable Martini Ranch nights of the year.

Dangerous Dan must have started rocking the turntables hard early in the night, cause when we arrived at 10:30 it was already insanity on the dancefloor. Not to mention there was a small line forming in the downstairs section of Martini Ranch to gain access to the top floor area where Dangerous Dan was laying down the heat.

We blazed past the lines with the help of our other close DJ buddy, DJ Emir who had just finished an early private graduation party at another local nightclub. Dan had called for Emir to bring over a microphone cause the club didn't have One available on that night. Once in the booth with DJ Dangerous Dan and Emir we started taking pictures of the already packed out night at Martini Ranch.

We hadn't seen an early crowd rock like this since DJ Emir's performances in Las Vegas and at Denver's Posh nightclub earlier in the year. Both of these DJs seem to have exactly what it takes to get parties started and keep them rocking properly.

DJ Emir in The DJ Booth with Dangerous Dan worldwide at Martini Ranch

DJ Dangerous Dan was Deejaying like a man on a mission. Even early in the night one could see a huge difference between the other substitute DJs Martini Ranch had used in the past and Dangerous Dan's much more aggressive and energetic deejaying style. The early crowd response was a huge indicator that this was going to be a great night at Martini Ranch. The crowd was real camera friendly and enjoyed the extra element of professional photography brought in by Dan's close friend DJ Emir.

Ladies Dancing on the mini Stage in fron of The DJ Booth at Martini Ranch

The ladies were abundent and beautiful and the crowd was very sexy and energetic. The ladies definitly came out in full force on this night and were getting into the music early. The fellas soon followed suite. By 11:30 Bottle service booths were all packed out, there were all kinds of chicks dancing on the mini stage in front of the DJ both, hands going up in the air, people were buying shots left and right and people were chanting along with certain songs. DJ Dangerous Dan had the crowd eating out the palm of his hands. He made sure to throw in something that would please everyone and blended it all in with a fast mix style that kept the energy going the whole night.

Hands up all night at Martini Ranch for DJ Dangerous Dan

DJ Dangerous Dan's music spanned from Electro House, to Rock favorites, to Top 40 hits, Hip Hop and the best of the 80's and 90's which fit perfectly with the variety of people that were there at Martini Ranch on this particular night. Cameras were abound on this night and DJ Emir brought in his professional Nikon digital camera and took an abundance of great shots of this amazing party which are available in the Picture Gallery Section of DJ Emir's Website

DJ Dangerous Dan with the Ladies Looking On

By the end of the night Dangerous Dan had everyone chanting songs with him and even had the entire top floor and lower level chanting to the tune of "Sweet Caroline" We all watched in amazement as the entire crowd not just chanted this song, but locked arms around each others shoulders and rocked back and forth while singing it. It was as if everyone in the building were super close friends with One another, we never could have seen that coming. This night totaly transformed Denver's Martini Ranch into the type of party headquarters Denver has been needing for a long time now.

Hopefully we'll see more nights like this at Martini Ranch and at other nightclubs in town. Of course that would mean Denver Nightclubs would need to step up their ability to recognize great DJ talent, and recognize that it does actually make a difference in the quality of their club nights. Well lets just pray they do.

Dangerous Dan is the Resident DJ at Jackson's Hole Denver CO. and tours across the United States and a few other countries under the moniker "Dangerous Dan Worldwide."

To book Dangerous Dan for all major events call 303-931-3010

To book DJ Emir Call 303 995-0875

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or call Side 3 Studios at: 303 459-4888

Story By: Vanessa V. Night Club Diva

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