Thursday, July 23, 2009

DJ Craze vs DJ Klever

DJ Kraze Vs DJ Klever DJ Battle Tracktor Scratch Promo Video
DJ Craze vs DJ Klever DJ Battle

What do you know, When we finished posting our article on DJ Vajra tearing it up at the NBA halftime show in Denver there was a small little advertisment for Traktor Scratch Duo featuring a "DJ Battle" between DMC World Champions DJ Craze and DJ Klever of The Allies just to the left of the posting window. So we decided to let you see that one too. This is a nice little mini "battle" featuring the Two legendary DJs going head to head on the New Tracktor Scratch Duo Vinyl emulation software package that is said to have a very tight latency to more realistically imitate real vinyl while controling MP3 files on a laptop computer.

Craze and Klever basically go at it on their DMC championship won Gold Technics Turntables and mixers. (showoffs) LOL :)

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