Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rane Serato Pro DJ: DJ Vajra Rocks The Denver Nuggets NBA Half Time Show

Serato Rane Pro DJ and DMC Battle Champion
DJ Vajra Performs at The NBA Half Time Show

DJ Vajra in Beijing China

If you have never seen this amazing DJ before,
we offer you a glimpse at One of the worlds top DJs.
This is your favorite DJ's, Favorite DJ's, Favorite DJ.

:) LOL :)

In other words this is DJ Qbert's Favorite DJ!

And for a damned good reason, The man has serious skills on the turntables
and now puts together amazing sets and routines like no other DJ in the world.

This is some of the Illest Stuff and the stuff champion DJs are made of.

- Vanessa V. The Great Music Blogspot

1 comment:

  1. Johnas1:40 AM

    Vajra has some nice cuts and he was working that Rane TTL57 for sure I like it.