Thursday, July 23, 2009

T-Pain & T-Swizzle (AKA Taylor Swift) Funny Video

T-Pain and Taylor Swift as "T-Swizzle" in comical yet well put together Video about Taylor Swift Turning into a "GANGSTER Rapper" LOL

As She says in the video... She "Bakes Cookies YO!"

T-Pain and Taylor Swift put together this histerical spoof video which comically depicts Taylor swift as a rap artist. It's an ironic twist that comically mirrors T-Pain's own career in which he himself was a rapper turned singer. In this video it is Taylor Swift who is a Country/Pop Music singer turned rapper with a new moniker of "T-Swizzle"

At first glance the video seems like it's a big mistake. I mean really. Taylor Swift as a Rap artist? Then one realizes the video is a total spoof video much like the videos Weird Al Yancovich used to create mimicking famous music artist videos. The most famous of which of course were the Michael Jackson Videos. R.I.P.

Taylor Swift does a good job portraying herself as her own alter ego "T-Pizzle" the mad Gangta rapper with curly lock blond hair. She keeps calling herself Gangster.. so Gangter that she as she says Lives with her moms and as she puts it "I bake cookies Yo" had me laughing and realized it was a great parody... especially since it's exploiting the fact that T-pain was a "Rapper turned singer" here is Taylor swift as a Country/pop singer turned rapper. The irony and her "Tight white-T" and T-Pain's "Big Arse Chain" was just hilarious. The crazy thing is she probably could pull off a little soft rap cause she was OK.

The last part of the video was the funniest though, When they bleep out Taylor swift as she is saying "YO" and she starts complaining that she didn't even swear and T-Pian chimes in with his famous Autotune plug in voice saying"She didn't even swear" as if they didn't have time to cut the video and stop the autotune LOL.

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  1. Chantelle1:38 AM

    Oh man this was a hillarious video of Taylor Swift. shame what happened to Taylor with Kanye West at the VMA's, Kanye was acting like such a punk. Kanye needs to grow up go back to that college and get rid of the teddy bears LOL.