Thursday, August 13, 2009

DJ Emir Badder Than Bad Mixtape Tribute to Michael Jackson The Greatest of All Time

DJ Emir Michael Jackson Mixtape
written by Acrista B. for VIP Nightclub Magazine

DJ Emir: The Greatest Mixtape and Nightclub DJ of All Time pays Tribute to Michael Jackson The Greatest of All Time on "Badder Than Bad" the Mixtape

DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Badder Than Bad Mixtape has to be the single hardest Michael Jackson Mixtape on the planet!

DJ Emir "The King of Mixtapes" pays tribute to Michael Jackson "The King of Pop" the proper way, by mixing blending, remixing and cutting up Michaels hottest tracks and songs that were ispired by the legendary performer. The mixtape starts off with the hardest "Bad" remix I have ever heard and simply never lets up after that with 80 minutes of the best Michael Jackson original songs and remixes all mixed and blended the way only a real DJ can do it. His motto "real DJs Do real Things" really rings true on this ultra hot mixtape. It's almost as if Emir is trying to resurrect Michael Jackson himself through his mixing. I can almost imagine Emir trying to bring Michael back from the beyond like a doctor who refuses to quit on his patient, cause Emir puts that much passion to this mixtape.

Well known for blending in Old time favorites with todays hottest music both live in the clubs and on his amazing mixtapes Emir does the same with the Michael Jackson tribute mixtape, only to a whole new level. Our favorite remixes of the Badder than Bad mixtape include DJ Emir's remixes of "Bad", "They Don't Care About Us", "Man in the Mirror", "You Rock My World" and "I Wan't You Back" among others.

I was really feeling the "you Rock my world remix over Jamie Foxx's "Blame it" and The Jackson 5 "I Wan't You Back" reggae remixes. Those joints were pure fire.

DJ Emir's mixing and blending skills are amongst the best in the world and his mixtapes best of the best and always come through clean and crisp banging hit after hit through your speakers. The Michael Jackson mix is no different, It is an instant classic which really does Michael Jackson an honor and creates a tribute worthy of bearing the name Michael Jackson.

When I listen to Emir's Michael Jackson Mixtape I feel like Michael is still with us. Especially when Liberian girl comes in I feel like Michael Jackson is right there with me in the room. I want to cry everytime I hear that song. It's followed by another great song by another dead great, the late Tupac Shakur and his song "Letter to My Unborn Child" which sampled Liberian girl.

This mixtape appeals to Michael Jackson fans and mixtape fans alike with such a diverse musical selection and a very creative mixing style that compliments the creative genius that was Michael Jackson. Emir did this One right and created a masterpiece that is worthy of carrying on Michaels legacy of great music to new generations of listeners.

I'm submitting Emir's Mixtape for this years Mixtape of the Year competition cause it is worthy of winning. Considering Emir's Transformers Mixtape won last years mixtape of the year award and this mixtape is even hotter, It's probably a sure fire winner. This is definetly my pick for 2009 Mixtape of the Year.

Rest in Peace Michael we all miss you.
Acrista B.
VIP Nightclub Magazine


  1. Jenny Liu11:32 PM

    Wow! This mixtape is amazing I love all the songs on it and the remixes were simply the best. Thanks for pointing me in the direction of this great Michael jackson mixtape I love it! I only wish Michael was still with us. Miss you Michael :(

  2. Thanks for reviewing the mixtape, It was really a labor of love. I put a ton of thought energy and feeling into this one and I'm glad to see people enjoying it. I'm only sad that Michael passed away so early in his life.
    - DJ Emir Mixtapes

  3. Katie Collins1:35 AM

    Emir's mixtape is the best! I absolutely loved ever minute of it and recommend it to all my friends.

  4. Vivian2:25 AM

    after buying and listening to this Michael Jackson Mixtape all I can say is WOW!INTENSE! This is the first mixtape I have heard that really captured Michael Jackson's energy and music and just made me want to dance and sing throughout the whole mix. Emir's mixtape is the best thanks for the heads up! Your music blog rocks!