Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Email Came in Stating: How White People Destroyed Mixtapes

This email arrived in our in-boxes this morning and had us outraged. I mean seriously, Bad mixtapes and bad mixtape DJs isn't a race issue it's a global issue and a personal issue. The guy is blaming White people for ruining mixtapes. That couldn't be further from the truth...

The people ruining mixtapes are the weak DJs that don't mix. Weak DJs that simply throw songs on and shout over them adding nothing of themselves back into the music but their egos. It doesn't matter whether the DJ is White, Black, Mulatto, Hispanic or Asian, what matters is if they have skill, creativity and the ability to make us enjoy music we would otherwise pass up. there are many songs I never gave a second thought to, until a DJ made me hear it in a different way. These good DJs remixed it, blended it or simply made it hotter by juggling it back and forth with the hardest lines from the song etc... A good DJ makes and breaks records. A good DJ can create mixtapes that can be listened to long past the music's popularity phase. A good mixtape isn't just about the music that is on it, it's also about the DJs themselves and how they put it all together.

The guy doesn't even have the balls to sign his name to the email. Which to me totally discredits his entire argument in and of itself. And all the spelling mistakes, the not understanding the difference between "There and Their" non spaced words and bad punctuation and grammar don't help his argument much either, basically he calls himself out as uneducated. But worst of all , he is blaming One race for what I personally see happening with a multitude of DJs from every race and background.

Lets get it straight: It's not white people or white DJs, it's WHACK DJS that are ruining mixtapes. And to be fair as the guy states, it's not entirely their fault. If we as educated music consumers simply did not support these weak DJs and their extremely whack mixtapes, there would be no reason for them to continue making whack mixtapes. Lets be honest, if you only picked up mixtapes that had some degree of skill in the way they were mixed, produced and created, there would only be a handful of mixtapes out there. But because people bought drop style mixtapes, bought mixtapes without any mixing, any degree of DJ skill and any kind of creativity, there was a huge surge of new DJs trying to come up by doing the same thing.

There was once a time when mixtapes were out there to highlight a DJs ability to rock the turntables, to rock the crowd and to show the diversity and music choices they make. Now it's all about dropping the newest tracks and most exclusives as fast as possible with no creativity or originality.

I posted the email below so you can see how ignorant this guy is, and how ignorant racism is, no matter which direction or angle it comes from. Basically whenever you try and blame an entire race, an entire industry, or an entire generation for a general problem, you are not looking at all the facts and you are missing the bigger picture. Many ties people don't see the entire picture and only focus on the first thing that draws their attention.

Email sent to us by "Anonymous Music Guy"
"My name is Anonymous Music Guy. I do this for no personal gain or benefit ofself. This is just a personal weekly view of the music industry. Please pass this on:

Let's face it, white people today have destroyed the mixtape scene. Theyhave pilfered off of the black generation since the days of slavery, but nowit's a new era. An era of musical slavery. Mixtapes were once an outlet foryoung people with musical energy to put out a product with out enduring thecosts of putting out an album. Mixtapes were a way for DJ's to broadcast newand upcoming talent to the underground market with fans patiently waiting tosee who is next to blow. Now it's nothing but a pure bootleg market, wherenon Black/Urban DJ's basically steal peoples albums and music and put themout solely for profit and reputation.

We have guys like The Evil Empire, The Empire, DJ Smallz, Trapaholics, BigMike, DJ Drama and etc that are fucking the game to hell. These people haveno urban roots. They never lived in a "hood" and likely never endured a real"struggle". They have no real care for this culture. All they care about isthere fat white pockets getting bigger and bigger off of each new "nigger"that comes out. They don't break artist. They break artists banks. Literallyand figuratively. They put out mixtapes with no names to identify themselveswhich is basically considered bootlegging. I even heard of one certain "DJ"having a "hacker" on his team who goes into peoples Gmail accounts to steal"exclusive" music. This one DJ recently took GRANDHUSTLE rap artist YOUNGDRO's new album and put it out on a mixtape..... WHAT KINDA SHIT IS THAT?How could you profit off of someones hardwork you did not pay for? You didntbuy the beats. You did not cover the studio time so what makes you think youcan go out and bootleg there whole album and someone be cool with that? Whatkind of shit is that? What has the game come to?

Then you have the supposed "Big Shots" like DJ Drama who give nothing backto the black community. But it makes sense since he is not* BLACK*. I erk atthe sound of him saying "*NIGGA*" constantly. This guy has been supported byso many artists and in return to the community he charges outrageous pricesto the people he supposedly supports. Homie does nothing but scream all overmusic, I don't know how that makes you an "icon" that deserves 20 thousanddollars to make a "mixtape". I'm sorry sir I'll pass. His last album didnothing and went by quickly *with good reason*. Go back up north. Goodriddance.

The young black musician of today, with music dreams and major labelaspirations has to hope and pray that one day the BWM(*Big White Man*)sitting in his chair will cut him a budget and give him the time of day. If he ever gets that time of day, it's very much short lived for the simplefact of the corruption placed in the music industry today. It has spiraledand regressed into a piece of shit where young black people will sell there souls for a little dollar. The white man who profits will never care about the damage that is done, I don't blame him. I blame the enslaved black youth for not waking up. Don't be a slave to your music, be a owner!!!

Artists have totally devalued there music and self worth in the music world. Is there any coming back?? better yet, going forward?

Call me racist, call me what you want but WHITE PEOPLE have destroyed mixtapes.
Next week, how WHITE WOMAN have destroyed the Urban Magazine Industry
please pass this along.
Sincerely, Anonymous Music Guy"

So that was pretty much his letter blaming white people in general for everything the music industry and the mixtape industry is going through. Knowing damned well that the issue is much bigger than One race. The same can be said about the RIAA blaming mixtapes for the decline in music sales, look a little more internaly and realize that music in general has been dumbed down a few knotches. Produce better music and you'll get better sales, it's that simple. You can tell the "Anonymous Music Guy" is on a whole racial war rampage cause his supposed next email is labelled "How White Women (oh sorry Woman, singular LOL) have destroyed the Urban Magazine Industry." Come on now, this is straight up right up there with Hitler using the Jews as scapegoats to blame for his whole county's troubles then unite his German people through a manufactured common hatred and distrust as a means of seizing total political power.

Racism is a double edged sword and cuts both ways. Don't buy into any kind of racism or bigotry, always look into the issue deeper and find the true causes of strife. - Trent Williams

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- Trent Williams (Annoyed Black Music Guy Who Actually Signs His Posts!)


  1. anonymous music guy .. Your about as dumb as a cigarette butt. 90% of those artist that are putting out mixtape after mixtape are in cahoots with the djs that doit. they do this to benifit the bootleggers and themselves with free advertizments and promos. Listen to the drops in the music.. you must only get wack mixtapes from local doods.. some djs do only talk over records. its part of the game that Jam Pony Express Started in 1981 and south FL area loved the mic checkin . Lets here your mixtape

  2. James C.4:15 AM

    Damn I didn't know people could become so racist and ignorant. This guy's logic is so far off thanks for sharing this it made me laugh all day!