Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama Joker Posters Surface in Los Angeles

Obama Joker posters have begun to spring up in LA, as the Obama Joker poster is just the latest way to call Obama a socialist. Over the weekend, the Obama Joker Obama Joker Poster an Inaccurate Comparison poster was spotted in several areas of Los Angeles, and were brought to the Internet's attention by right-wing blogs. The Obama Joker poster is just a picture of Obama with Joker makeup on him, and the word "socialism" at the bottom. Aside from being something that could be done easily on Photoshop, the Obama Joker poster doesn't even accurately match up the two icon's beliefs.The string of Obama Joker posters were first seen in Los Angeles, with a few even getting to Atlanta.

The Obama Joker poster has the President wearing the same pasty white makeup, and scarred smile, made famous by Heath Ledger in last year's The Dark Knight.As if it isn't enough to equate President Obama to a sadistic, murdering terrorist, a more typical charge of socialism is made in the bottom of the Obama Joker poster. Nothing more specific is spelled out, and no one as of yet has figured out where these posters come from, or who made them.If President Obama isn't called a socialist once every day, then it is a day where his opponents must be busy taking a nap. The Obama Joker poster is a new tactic, however, albeit small time.

But using the Joker to paint Obama as a socialist isn't really that accurate at all.The Joker was many things, but was hardly a socialist. In fact, the Joker is the polar opposite of a socialist, and anyone who watched The Dark Knight would know that. Socialism is the result of an all powerful central government that runs every aspect of life - but the Joker subscribes to anarchy, one of socialism's polar opposites.If the Joker was a socialist, he would be destroying Gotham in the name of an all powerful state. Instead, the self-described "agent of chaos" nearly brought down the state itself, and all of its most cherished institutions, so that nothing could bring order to Gotham. The Obama Joker poster does very poorly in trying to paint Obama as a socialist by comparing him to an anarchist. On the other hand, if the poster was trying to say Obama was also a murdering, psychotic evil mastermind like the Joker, then that's another troubling matter altogether.

Other posters of Obama have also surfaced mirroring the original Joker Posters bearing similar messages.
It's hard for some opponents of the Obama administration to realize and admit that Obama was handed over the reigns of an already careening stage coach and asked to save an economy that already was on the brink of failure due to the mismanagement of the previous Bush administration. The same can be said about the "war on terrorism" which actually started way back with the First Bush administration and was then revisited by the son as the sins of the father were passed on to the son in this case. No one seems to realize just how severely the "War on terrorism" has affected our current economic problems. If you think about it we have been plunging money, resources and people who would otherwise be consumers in our own economy over seas to fight a non ending war on an elusive enemy with no face.

To make matters worse the war is taking place in a country that supplies much of our Oil and gas. And even while supposedly liberating these countries from tyrants Oil prices still remain high, so shipping prices remain high and our economy continues to suffer.
The American car manufacturers made the mistake of not looking towards the future earlier, and the future snuck up and hit them upside the head when they weren't paying attention.
Gas guzzling cars were still being manufactured in large quantities not realizing the American consumer's lives had shifted to a more eco-awareness mentality. As a result the American car manufacturers where already behind foreign car companies that had started focusing on gas efficiency, smaller cars, electric cars, hybrids and alternate fuels in much greater capacity.
Many people seem to forget that it was George Bush that signed the bail outs for AIG without making sure they were to be used properly and ensuring they would be paid back. A costly mistake which ended with AIG Ceo's being rewarded for doing a bad job.

Obama simply saw the mistakes of the previous administrations bail out efforts. Realizing that there must be some sort of controls set to keep companies from misusing the bail out money. You simply can't keep giving away money to people that don't use it properly. Bush just gave away the money and didn't have any control over how the companies used it, this resulted in a disastrous misuse of Obama stepped in when Chrysler GM asked for a bail out and perhaps went a little far as far as controlling the company's future by firing one of it's CEO's. This is probably what is causing the "Socialism" controversy, but really if another COMPANY paid a large sum of money to Bail out another COMPANY wouldn't that be called a TAKEOVER or a MERGER? And wouldn't the new company do the same thing, start laying off employees as they merge the two companies etc...

The way I see it if your business failed it failed, if no one is willing to buy your company out from you then you better have a going out of business sale to try and get all the money you can out of the closure of your company. The only reason the government steps in with bail outs on large companies is because the closing of a company of that size would leave so many people without jobs that it would create a much bigger black hole in the economy as there would continue to be a huge rippling effect that would affect other companies, retailers and whole markets.

Obama is simply exercising more control over the money offered in Government Bail Out packages. If you don't like it... Don't ask for a bail out, bail your own backside out of the fire.

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