Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New DJ Video Games DJ Hero and Scratch The Ultimate DJ

DJ AM Lives on in DJ Hero Video Game set to Come out Oct 27th 2009

DJ AM DJ Hero Screenshot
Recently deceased DJ AM is featured as a playable character in DJ Hero

Two new video games are coming out just in time for the 2009 Christmas Season, "Scratch the ultimate DJ" & "DJ Hero" (from the makers of the world famous Guitar Hero series) Scratch features a more realistic DJ control interface that acts more like a real turntable, but DJ hero has the franchise already established and has brand name DJs featured including DJ Jazzy Jeff, Daft Punk, DJ Shadow, Grandmaster Flash and even the recently deceased mashup superstar DJ, DJ AM R.I.P.

If everyone who wielded a gaming guitar could actually pick an axe as nimbly as they press those buttons, we'd have a whole lot of future Jimis on our hands. But because not everyone aspires to be a rock god, the trend of rhythm games is evolving. And while DJ-inspired video games are not expected to supplant the Guitar Hero/Rock Band craze any time soon - in fact new titles like Guitar Hero 5, Guitar Hero: Van Halen, and The Beatles: Rock Band, are on their way - they are likely to bring in a new audience to the music video game genre. Here are two that are among those expected to be found under many a Christmas tree and menorah this upcoming holiday season for those who long to sit behind the decks, but lack the killer vinyl collection:

Scratch Video Game Screen shotScratch: The Ultimate DJ: While this game relies on a turntable-inspired controller, called the "Scratch Deck," no one ever actually drops a needle to hit a beat. Just like with the first wave of rhythm games, gamers press buttons, but they also need to simultaneously work a crossfader and touch-sensitive turntable wheel to earn points. Virtual DJs move up the ranks as they score, getting their start at house parties and moving on up to the soundstages of mega clubs. The soundtrack, with more than 60 tracks from artists such as Nelly, Kanye West, and Black Eyed Peas, is sure to appeal to Top 40 listeners, while the behind-the-scenes cast of game producer Quincy Jones and music consultant Mixmaster Mike will give the game some cred among beatheads and DJs.

The game also features a more realistic controller so real DJs might like this one better even though the graphics and DJ characters arent quite as astounding as the screenshots we've seen so far for DJ Hero.

Scratch is scheduled to be released during the fourth quarter, date TBD.
DJ Hero Consol Picture

DJ Hero : The hip-hop brother of the title that defined one of the biggest gaming sensations in years, Guitar Hero. DJ Hero, just like Scratch, employs a simulated turntable. The wireless deck features three "stream" buttons (like those found on Guitar Hero's device), a crossfader, an effects dial, and a "Euphoria" button (supposedly similar to Guitar Hero's Star Power), with the object of the game being similar to that of Guitar Hero. Players press buttons to match notes floating across the screen, while also scratching and fading in time to other onscreen symbols. It sounds like a potential carpal tunnel hazard to us, but we know there will be legions willing to take that risk. Including artists such as Daft Punk, Jay-Z, and David Bowie, the playlist of more than 100 songs seems like it could be a bit superior to Scratch's, but only time will tell who wins this DJ battle (of the games).
DJ Hero is scheduled to hit stores on October 27, 2009.

DJ Hero Screenshot banner
DJ Jazzy Jeff DJ Hero Scratching
DJ Jazzy Jeff Shows off his Scratches on DJ Hero

Grandmaster Flash DJ Hero
Grand Master Flash Takes it back to The Oldschool on DJ hero

Daft Punk DJ Hero Screenshot
Daft Punk Debuts in their first Video Game on DJ Hero

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