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What Life Is Like Married to Reggaeton Artist

Khriz & Ashley: Life Married to a Reggeaton Artist

Ashely on her wedding day

Quinee Butler http://www.reggaetonline.net/ - December 12, 2006

Many young ladies dream of connecting with their favorite Reggaeton artists in a special way; hoping that it leads to unconditional love, marriage and a “happy ever after” kind of ending. In the real world of music, however, a quick hook up with an artists who is single or taken almost never ends the way the fan wants. Artists meet so many women in the course of their careers the chances of a fanatic actually getting a genuine love connection are very close to zero. It is not surprising that most artists date within their circle of friends and co-workers. Many artists who are actually married get hitched to a childhood sweetheart, someone who they have grown up with and who knows them way before they were famous, or someone who has no clue nor cares who they are.

One special couple in the world of Reggaeton is Ashley and Khriz Colon. On a trip to a studio with a friend Ashley was introduced to Khriz. She recalls that she had no romantic interest in him what so ever when they met. “I met him when a friend of mine introduced him to me, but we didn’t talk until 1 month later when I saw him at the mall. We were friend for 2 months and then he asked me to be his girl, of course I said yes! .He was still a nobody working at blockbuster, so for all the people who think of me as a gold digger I am definitely not,” Ashley said with she laughed. He had an old car and barely any money, but still loved him because it’s what’s inside that matters the most.” As for any musical talents, Ashley simply replied, “Nope. No, musical talents at all… Well maybe in the shower lol.”

For Ashley and Khriz, It was Khriz who perused Ashley, the woman of his dreams, and after dating for some time, they eventually wed in early March of this year. Their love for one another is evident from the moment you see the two together. He often makes sure that she accompanies him on trips to performances in and out of Puerto Rico. “Mostly, I travel when it is in the U.S., like to New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston, and Mexico; but most of the time I accompany Khriz to Miami,” said Ashley. More importantly, when they are home, they also do the regular things couples do, like attend Bar B Q’s and shopping. “It is the normal life; we live like every other person. We live in the same planet as anybody else. I say that because it seems that sometimes people think artists are some sort of supernatural being. I just know my hubby is the most down to earth person that I have ever met”

One thing any women who adores their favorite Reggaeton artists would expect to hear is how rude some fans can be, whether the artists wives are present or not. I, Princesa, recently attended the Chosen Few CD release party at the Playboy mansion. I was surprised to hear how rude some women were to Ashley as she stood at Khriz’s side. Tony Matrix, brother of DJ Joe Matrix who are the promoters at the Rumba Room on Universal CITY WALK , told Reggaetonline that a few unruly fans approached Khriz and proceeded to flirt with him. As sexy as Khriz is to all us Reggaeton fans I don’t blame them at all for trying to flirt with him. It was said that when Khriz introduced his wife, the fans continued to flirt as if it did not matter that his wife was with him. In this particular incident Joe had to step up and politely asked the girls to respect Khriz’s wife or go away ending the first incident.

A Second incident, which made my jaw drop, happened when another set of fans approached Khriz and Ashley. Even after Khriz introduced his wife, the fans proceeded to ask Khriz why he was with that “skinny girl” when he could have them. With this I asked Ashley if this type of incident happens often. Sadly enough the answer was yes. “Sometimes is difficult because of the jealousy that all girls have. They don’t understand that we are normal people and have the right to be happy. They hate sometimes but I ignore them because at the end of the day he is still my husband and we don’t let any of that affect our relationship. The other thing that’s really hard is when he has to go for a place that I can’t go because of security purposes because some places in Latin America people are very aggressive.”

The good thing for women like Ashley is that Khriz and his partner Angel are known to have a reputation of being perfect gentlemen when they are away from their wives. And just as Lennox does, when ever they can they make sure that they make the concerts they perform at a family affair. “We’re really good friends with Gocho and Divino we hang out at each others houses and their wives are my dearest friends. We all like to go to the movies, restaurants, and places like that.” Along with healthy relationships come the usually come hardships but these couples seem to weather any storms, big or small, like pros.

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