Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trick or Tweet? Abuse of Fake Celebrity Twitter Accounts Cause for Lawsuits And Twitter Crackdown

The social networking site Twitter is clamping down on fake celebrity accounts after being sued in .

Thousands of famous names have fallen victim to impostors, including , Foreign Secretary , the Dalai Lama and even the Queen.
This summer, Mr Miliband was forced to deny quotes widely attributed to him after the death of . The comments had been written on a seemingly plausible Twitter account under his name.

Twitter has decided to act after Tony La Russa, the coach of an obscure American baseball team, launched a legal action over a fake account. He claimed that postings in which he appeared to make light of the death of two of his players had been ‘hurtful’.
Twitter, which has six million users who can send instant blogs on their activities to anyone who chooses to follow them, denies it has any legal case to answer.
But it is now testing a new system to ensure that users can identify genuine celebrity accounts. In future, a tick alongside a name will guarantee it is genuine.
Until recently, Twitter has had a liberal attitude towards celebrity impostors as long as it was clear that the postings were not genuine.
One blogger claimed to be jailed record producer , writing from his prison cell. Among the fake Spector’s comments were: ‘People ask me for my opinion of American Idol. It’s a total insult to music. Not my thing.’
A phoney account under the name of film star Christopher Walken and bearing his picture is still regularly read by more than 90,000 people.

And in March this year, actor ’s spokesman claimed the star was considering legal action to remove a fake Twitter account that had attracted 20,000 followers.
The Mail on Sunday’s own has also been targeted by an impostor who has accumulated a following of 17,650. One of the more recent postings has the Britain’s Got Talent judge saying: ‘Well done everyone for backing Susan [Boyle], such a talented lady.’
recently unmasked an impostor claiming to be comedian . The BBC presenter phoned Dee to check if the postings were really his.

A fake account in the name of Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge was so convincing that Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles was duped into becoming one of her more than 31,000 followers.

Star Trek star told an interviewer who asked him about his hugely popular Twitter account: ‘I don’t even know what Twitter is.’ But 116,000 people still follow the fake William Shatner.

A fake Twitter account for George W. Bush has 1,100 followers, and recently had the former President saying of the Queen’s birthday: ‘Queenie Lizzie’s birthday party today. She’s lookin’ good for 110 years old, or however old she is.’

One of several fake Gordon Ramsays regularly swears at his 6,700 followers. In June, as the Fat Duck restaurant in Bray, Berkshire, suffered from an outbreak of food poisoning, the fake Ramsay wrote about the owner: ‘Feel sorry for Heston [Blumenthal]. F****** bad luck.’
The number of fake accounts has led to British website Valebrity offering its own verification service. Its founder, Steven Livingstone, said many fake accounts were set up to carry out direct marketing.

He said: ‘People are making a lot of money out of it. Nobody knows who’s who on these sites.’
Typically, social networking sites remove fake accounts if there are complaints or fraud is suspected.

But Twitter is unable to track impostors because no proof of identity is ever requested from its users.

A Twitter spokesman said: ‘We’re working to establish authenticity, starting with well-known accounts that have had problems with impersonation or identity confusion.

Kanye West Doesn't Need Rumors to Destroy his Reputation He Destroys it Himself

Hip-hop star Kanye West has blasted out at rumour mongers who are tarnishing his image on the web. The ace Hitmaker is furious and has launched a scathing attack on fans who continuously spread fake rumours about him on the internet. Kanye has urged web users to stop trying to “destroy” him.

The Stronger hitmaker was recently amidst a bizarre internet gossip which said that he had spoken about possibly making a porn movie. The rumour was carried forward by several websites claiming the verity of the news.

The rumour turned out to be fake, and West is furious and mad. He has taken up writing to clear all the muck that is quite damaging for the singer’s image.

He writes on his official blog, “Why won’t you let me be great! I read some s**t claiming I said I’m down to do porn and some bisexual porn! I just gave the performance of my lifetime for our new president … Then I flew to Paris and they debuted my new shoes that I designed with Louie (sic) Vuitton which was a dream come true. Please I beg you, give me a break!”

Kanye also reveals how these blatant lies affect him and his performance. West is especially angry, because he is convinced that the ugly rumours have overshadowed his recent performance at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. He adds, “That’s in poor taste! That undermines what my contribution to that event (Obama’s inauguration) was and slaps everybody who felt uplifted by that performance in the face!”

Monday, October 19, 2009

5 Reasons to Add a VIP Room to Your Nightclub or Bar

5 Reasons to Add a VIP Room to Your Nightclub or Bar
by Yana Zhuravel Spokeswoman

Have you been looking for a new way to increase revenue at your bar or nightclub?

A relatively low-cost and easy to implement idea sure to catch your customer's attention is a VIP room/area. Creating a VIP room takes some thought and some planning and to help you decide whether this venture is for you, we've put together a list of 5 reasons to add a VIP area to your establishment along with some helpful tips on how to make your new VIP are a success. Keep reading to see if opening a VIP room makes sense for your bar/nightclub.

1. Exclusivity - Everyone wants to feel like they're part of an exclusive club where only the select few gain entry, and once members, people will pay-up for the privilege. Offering a VIP room or area in your bar or nightclub will give your deeper-pocketed guests their own private club for the night. Call it "the mystique of the velvet rope," but where there are deep pocketed guests there are beautiful women, and where there are beautiful women, there are more deep pocketed guests, and so the circle goes.

2. Privacy for Private Parties - People love to celebrate birthdays, special holidays, league championships, you name it…these people are here to celebrate a common cause and don't want to be scattered all over the place, they want their own space. A VIP area will allow you to accommodate these parties and charge these guests for the service, which brings me to #3 and #4…

3. Offer Bottle Service - Bar Business Magazine recently wrote a story about the benefits of bottle service. The article profiled Michael Ault, a bottle service pioneer who opened over 25 nightclubs world-wide. Mr. Ault is quoted as saying that " what [one of his clubs] achieves with three nights a week, other bars need seven nights of operation to achieve. That is the benefit of bottle service." A word to the wise, Mr. Ault advises that bottle service is not optimal for every establishment and that in order to have a successful bottle service area a "you have to offer something really special." This is where having top-notch furniture really makes a difference as evidenced by the same article "…bottle clubs work [because] they are the most beautiful clubs, the have the coolest vibes and coolest people…The physical arrangement of furniture plays a key in generating the right buzz in a bottle club."

4. Offer a Special Cocktail Selection for VIP Guests - If you want to add to the aura of exclusivity, you can offer your VIP clients a special mixed cocktail menu that is not available to regular patrons. I am not talking about substituting Blue Sapphire for Gordon's in a Gin & Tonic, I'm talking about Sofia & Eros (1 ounce vodka, ½ ounce limoncello, ½ ounce raspicello, ½ ounce lemon juice). These are the kinds of exotic drinks whose ingredients are unique, unusual and when combined are a treat to the taste buds. Although these drinks require more ingredients than a vodka & cranberry, the cost of making each drink is not that much greater. However, specialty drinks are routinely priced $5-$10 higher than typical cocktails.

5. Attract Corporate Clients - People who crunch numbers during the day want to party like rock stars at night. A VIP room will allow you to attract the ever-elusive corporate client by allowing "the suits" to feel like "very important people" for an evening. Moreover, corporate reps need to entertain their clients in style and what better place to bring an important client than the VIP room of the hottest bar or nightclub in town. Remember, when the company pays, people spend like mad. It is important to note that there is a right way and a wrong way to operate a VIP area in your establishment. You can't just follow a "if you build it, they will come" philosophy. This is not Field of Dreams and you are not Kevin Costner. However, if operated correctly, a VIP area can generate a "Field of Green." Here are some things to consider when opening and operating a VIP area:

1. VIP Atmosphere - Create a luxury room or area that has great furniture and d├ęcor. Remember, a private room is not necessarily a VIP room, it has to ooze with luxury

2. VIP Menus and Products - Bottle service, exclusive drinks and food menus are some of the most basic VIP room offerings. It is vital to remember that presentation is everything. Be sure to train your staff to present the products well and offer unique service trays. How about a private bar tender for the VIP room who mixes drinks ala Tom Cruise in Cocktail by putting on a bottle tossing spectacle? You get the idea…make the environment special.

3. VIP staff - This is a people business so you have to make sure that you have the best staff servicing your VIP clients. Also make sure that you have a designated security staff watching your VIP area.

4. VIP List - Create a VIP List, talk to promoters and other contacts. Keep the list exclusive and difficult to get on. Send out special invites to VIP Guests. Remember the little touches, call these people on their birthday, send special holiday cards or gifts. It's these actions that make it fun and worthwhile to be a VIP.

5. VIP Recognition Program - this is an important element that speaks for itself. Throw special parties for your VIPs. Offer them incentives to come back. If a VIP spends a certain amount of money, give them a bottle on the house and so on. These days the nightclub business is very competitive and having a VIP room or area is a good way to separate yourself from the competition while putting more money in your own pocket. However, people won't shell out the big bucks just because. They want more than just a place to sit and a bottle to drink, VIPs want to feel like VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE, and hopefully these tips will help you do that.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Michael Jackson Mixtape MP3 LEAK! HOT!

Michael Jackson Mixtape has been leaked!
Not sure if he did it himself but it does appear to be an inside job cause the file is an ultra high quality 320kb mp3 of DJ Emir's amazing Michael Jackson Mixtape CD

Michael Jackson Mixtape Download!
Badder Than Bad the Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape

Oh My God, this is a first! DJ Emir or someone in his company put up a direct link to a full version of One of his mixtape CDs. And not just any mixtape but his ultra hot Michael Jackson Mixtape.

download ->

DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Mix is the best we've heard, this mixtape achieves what the other Michael Jackson Mixtapes were trying to achieve, a mix worthy of being labeled a Michael Jackson Mixtape.

Download the Michael Jackson Mixtape to your Ipods and MP3 Players while the link is still up. (might not last long)

VIP Nightclub Magazine wrote up a nice little article on DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Mixtape

It's our favorite Michael Jackson Mixtape and I guess we are not alone. VIP Nightclub Magazine agrees with our assesment that this is probably the hottest of the Michael Jackson mixtapes. Of course that's probably cause Emir put his remix and blend flair to this mixtape as well. A plus that makes this mix a little more unique and gives it a much longer shelf lif... wait what am I talking about? I guess the normal terminology for long life doesn't apply here LOL. Not "shelf time" this thing is always in rotation so we'll call it play time.

Since I know this is probably gonna take some money out his pockets here's his phone number for those that would like to hire him for nightclub events and private parties. 303-995-0875
Also If you Like The Mixtape you can pick up the physical copy of the actual CD at with all songs tracked out so you can search through them to get to re listen to your favorite parts. You can also donate some mulah at as a way of saying "thanks for this awesome mix".

visit his website for other mixtapes and smaller downloads.

We recieved the actual CD ourselves a few months back and gotta say this thing is a beast. 80 minutes of heat. The CD is cool cause you can search through the 52 tracks and pause it etc come back to your car and it's right back to where you left off. When it's set up like this in a long 80 minute mix it can be a bit much, but if you have the time to listen to it straight it's a banger. Of course if you like it support the DJ and at least donate on his site or buy the actual CD, it's definitely worth the measly $10 price for this much music and the insane mixes.

DJ Emir's Mixtapes are in such high demand that he rarely if ever lets any of them leak out. If they are ever leaked, it's usually by someone else. This is a first! And you heard it here first (I think) He's won several awards for his other mixtapes including VIP Nightclub Magazine mixtape of the year and DJ of the Year awards.

We got this from one of the industries largest and most effective music marketing websites, they provide music direct to DJs, and Radio Stations and are partially responsible for helping break new music onto the airwaves.