Friday, October 02, 2009

Michael Jackson Mixtape MP3 LEAK! HOT!

Michael Jackson Mixtape has been leaked!
Not sure if he did it himself but it does appear to be an inside job cause the file is an ultra high quality 320kb mp3 of DJ Emir's amazing Michael Jackson Mixtape CD

Michael Jackson Mixtape Download!
Badder Than Bad the Ultimate Michael Jackson Mixtape

Oh My God, this is a first! DJ Emir or someone in his company put up a direct link to a full version of One of his mixtape CDs. And not just any mixtape but his ultra hot Michael Jackson Mixtape.

download ->

DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Mix is the best we've heard, this mixtape achieves what the other Michael Jackson Mixtapes were trying to achieve, a mix worthy of being labeled a Michael Jackson Mixtape.

Download the Michael Jackson Mixtape to your Ipods and MP3 Players while the link is still up. (might not last long)

VIP Nightclub Magazine wrote up a nice little article on DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Mixtape

It's our favorite Michael Jackson Mixtape and I guess we are not alone. VIP Nightclub Magazine agrees with our assesment that this is probably the hottest of the Michael Jackson mixtapes. Of course that's probably cause Emir put his remix and blend flair to this mixtape as well. A plus that makes this mix a little more unique and gives it a much longer shelf lif... wait what am I talking about? I guess the normal terminology for long life doesn't apply here LOL. Not "shelf time" this thing is always in rotation so we'll call it play time.

Since I know this is probably gonna take some money out his pockets here's his phone number for those that would like to hire him for nightclub events and private parties. 303-995-0875
Also If you Like The Mixtape you can pick up the physical copy of the actual CD at with all songs tracked out so you can search through them to get to re listen to your favorite parts. You can also donate some mulah at as a way of saying "thanks for this awesome mix".

visit his website for other mixtapes and smaller downloads.

We recieved the actual CD ourselves a few months back and gotta say this thing is a beast. 80 minutes of heat. The CD is cool cause you can search through the 52 tracks and pause it etc come back to your car and it's right back to where you left off. When it's set up like this in a long 80 minute mix it can be a bit much, but if you have the time to listen to it straight it's a banger. Of course if you like it support the DJ and at least donate on his site or buy the actual CD, it's definitely worth the measly $10 price for this much music and the insane mixes.

DJ Emir's Mixtapes are in such high demand that he rarely if ever lets any of them leak out. If they are ever leaked, it's usually by someone else. This is a first! And you heard it here first (I think) He's won several awards for his other mixtapes including VIP Nightclub Magazine mixtape of the year and DJ of the Year awards.

We got this from one of the industries largest and most effective music marketing websites, they provide music direct to DJs, and Radio Stations and are partially responsible for helping break new music onto the airwaves.


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM


    I have crossed paths with your blog before and really appreciate the music/content associated with it. I have recently compiled and mixed a new instrumental mixtape with my partner DJ Matt Cali. We represent CA and NY and want to share our music with the blogosphere, which is why I am contacting you. If you wish, please give us a shout on your blog and feel free to post the following link for your traffic to download. It would be great. Let me know. Keep the music alive!

    All the best,

    "This Dj concerto, in four parts, takes you on a journey into sound denoting the best part of hip hop, the soul of the music. "The Little Green Tape" is perfect to vibe out to. Repeat is a must."

    - L*Roneous

  2. This is an amazing mixtape! Probably one of the best he's put out and the absolute best Michael Jackson Mixtape out there! We loved it so much we did a story on it in our magazine shortly after Michael Jackson passed away.

  3. Darian11:57 PM

    This is a great mix! I loved Emir's Michael Jackson mixtape. Dude is on it with the remixes and he knows his MJ! The best songs were on here even a few most other DJs missed like liberian girl. And the way he integrated the Tupac and MC light joint with Liberian girl and made it all work. The way he brought in liberian girl was just off the hook on that section of the mixtape as were other mixes like the "Dancing" remix and the PLO Style mix over Bad. Those crazy remixes all came in funky as a monkey!

  4. Sandra2:17 AM

    That's the best Michael Jackson mix yet! I thought Jazzy Jeff was going to top it when I heard he was coming out with one, but your's is still the best. Loved the whole thing start to finish, you rock!

  5. Carlos12:44 AM

    That Michael Jackson Mixtape is pure Fire! Loved every mix on there. I like that it was a themed mix with other songs that were sampled from Michaels songs or that were remixed using Michael's beats or his voice. Pure genius with the mixes on this one thanks.

  6. Jerry3:19 AM

    This has to be the best mixtape I have ever heard. Absolutely brilliant!

  7. I appreciate the love everyone has shown for me on this blog. And I'm really glad everyone loves the Michael Jackson Mixtape remember you can get the CD version at which is fully tracked out for all 52 tracks. Otherwise enjoy the download version for your Ipods while it's still up as I am uncertain how long they will keep it on that site. - DJ Emir Mixtapes

  8. I Appreciate all the love and support I get from this blog and it's readers
    you guys really make my day. I'm glad so many love the Michael Jackson Mixtape I made. I hope many more will continue to enjoy it for many years to come. - DJ Emir Mixtapes

  9. I forgot, make sure you download this mixtape ASAP as it may not be available as a free download forever. And if you really love the mixtape that much you may want to pick up the CD version of the Michael Jackson Mixtape at as it will allow you to skip to your favorite parts whenever you want to start the CD half way through or start from a specific song.

  10. Valerie5:17 AM

    The mixtape was cool!

  11. Kareem5:23 AM

    Thanks for the link it was a great mix. I'm gonna have fun listening to this one again.