Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DJ Emir Mixtapes Ring In The New Year

There is something to be said for a mixtape you can listen to on a consistent basis and still enjoy every time. DJ Emir consistently delivers classic mixtapes that do just that. Whether it's his instant classic Michael Jackson Mixtape , His amazing Iron Man Mixtape, or the latest two we picked up his Gold Member Mixtape and his 18K Dancehall Mixtape, every mixtape has been of the highest quality and has provided countless hours of listening pleasure.

DJ Emir's Gold Member Mixtape (Techniques Hip Hop Mixtape Vol 11) delivers yet another hot movie themed mixtape filled to the brim with great hip hop music, reggae music and remixes to make you want to get up and dance. This time around the Mixtape has been themed to Austin Powers Gold Member so it features  several Beyonce Songs as well as a hot Austin powers remix of Lil Wayne's "A Millie" and a few classic bell bottom tracks like Kool & the Gang "Celebrate Good Times" mixed and blended in with todays hottest Music. As usual DJ Emir does a great job building the energy throughout the mixtape with tons of hot music making it a great listen that can be enjoyed for months on end.

DJ Emir's Gold Member Mixtape features 43 tracks
of hot Hip Hop Music to keep your party jumping

Another great DJ Emir mixtape to check out is his 18K Dancehall Mixtape which feateures a smooth remix of Cecile's Bam Bam Girl and over 60 tracks of the hottest Dancehall Reggae music. This is the first mixtape in Emir's new 18K Dancehall Reggae Mixtape Series and it was really good. We are eagerly anticipating more mixtapes in this mixtape series.

Check out the Gold Member Mixtape & 18K Dancehall Mixtape at www.DJEMIR.com 
- Harold P.


  1. Harold2:49 AM

    I picked up both of these mixtapes and I'm really feeling both of them.

  2. I appreciate the love and respect from this site and it's readers thanks for all the support - DJ Emir Mixtapes

  3. Radames5:14 AM

    Well Emir the love is well deserved. Your mixtapes are very good.

  4. Joanne5:21 AM

    Indeed, I love almost all his mixtapes.

  5. Carlos2:28 PM

    DJ Emir's Gold Member mixtape was a hot mix. All the music on it was great. I did think the back cover was cool, the front however I thought looked cheesy but it makes sense since it is an austin powers themed mixtape after all and Austin Powers DVD covers look pretty similar to this mixtape cover.

  6. Xavier2:53 AM

    I love your Reggae mixtape

  7. Tommy4:09 AM

    Good job on these mixtapes, I'm really enjoying them.

  8. I love both of these mixtapes especially the Dancehall Reggae CD, but my favorite mixtape of his will always be his amazing Michael Jackson Mixtape :) that one stays playing in my car always!

  9. Travis1:10 PM

    Emir is a very talented DJ with great mixtapes. I always look forward to the release of his new mixtapes.

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