Tuesday, December 28, 2010

DJ Scene Mixtapes and Remixes

DJ Scene of Seattle Washington & Las Vegas has been on our radar for a minute. Before clubs and radio, Scene made a name for himself in the DJ battle circuit, becoming the 2002 Northwest DMC Champion. He now consistently tours throughout the United States with a distinct style that incorporates scratching, live remixes and blends of party anthems that span all genres of great music. He creates hot remixes that get major play by many of the top DJs in the world (like the Wiz Khalifa Black & Yellow DJ Scene Remix posted below)

DJ Scene currently has a weekly mixshow every Saturday on WILD 94.9 FM in San Francisco, a podcast that reaches 95,000+ subscribers weekly and coutless mixCDs distributed throughout the US. Originally from Seattle, he mixed 5 days a week on air with KUBE 93.3 FM, while prerecording for XM Satellite Radio 67 ‘The City’. Scene has also reached plenty of ears through Myspace where his 200,000+ friends have accounted for over 1.5 million plays of his exclusive remixes and live recordings. He has an Iphone app available for download on I-tunes and on his website DJ-Scene.com that streams various DJ Scene DJ Mix podcasts and mixtapes. The Mixtapes are also available as direct downloads on his website DJ-Scene.com

DJ Scene's website has several hot Mixtape Series that are worth checking out including his popular 2080's mixtape series which incorporate hot remixes and blends of 1980's tracks with todays hot club tracks. Another of his mixtape series to check out is his Epic Shine Mixtape Series based on the styles of music played at his Las Vegas Pool parties which feature Electro House and House Music occasionally laced with hip hop and R&B vocals.

Pick up these mixtapes and podcasts at DJ-SCENE.com

DJ Scene spends most of his time in Las Vegas spinning at various Las Vegas Nightclubs and Pool Parties including MGM's Studio 54 and Liquid at Aria. He is an extremely versatile DJ that always puts it down hard at every party.

DJ Scene is available for booking thru Josh Donaldson LVjoshD@gmail.com or Ricky Greenstein ricky@moodswing360.com


  1. Janet5:24 AM

    Great mixes thanks for the info

  2. Desire4:11 AM

    Very talented DJ I like his mix style.

  3. DJ Scene really gets down on the turntables. Gotta respect his mixes and his grind. - Trent W. The Great Music Blog