Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Batman Mixtape Is An Instant Classic

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape is An Instant Classic!

Wow! what can we say? DJ Emir has done it again! Another hot mixtape project that shows why DJ Emir is a true mixtape genius. The DJ Emir Batman Mixtape is a wild ride through the depths of Gotham City as Batman rises from the ashes of Bruce Wayne's tragic past. Re-experience Batman like never before in this epic 80 minute mixtape CD. A thoughtfully put together mixtape featuring cool quotes, great music and a strong mix of the best Hip Hop, Reggae and remixes automatically making this this yet another classic mixtape to add to any collection from the mixtape master himself, DJ Emir!

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape Back Cover

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape Sample by djemir

Check out the preview and get your copy of the Batman Mixtape at TRUST ME! YOU WANT THIS MIXTAPE! 
*Be warned though unlike many of his other mixtapes, this one is dirty and has some curse words in it and may not be appropriate for young children.*

- Trenton W. 
Writer at The Great Hip Hop Blog