Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Batman Mixtape Is An Instant Classic

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape is An Instant Classic!

Wow! what can we say? DJ Emir has done it again! Another hot mixtape project that shows why DJ Emir is a true mixtape genius. The DJ Emir Batman Mixtape is a wild ride through the depths of Gotham City as Batman rises from the ashes of Bruce Wayne's tragic past. Re-experience Batman like never before in this epic 80 minute mixtape CD. A thoughtfully put together mixtape featuring cool quotes, great music and a strong mix of the best Hip Hop, Reggae and remixes automatically making this this yet another classic mixtape to add to any collection from the mixtape master himself, DJ Emir!

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape Back Cover

DJ Emir Batman Mixtape Sample by djemir

Check out the preview and get your copy of the Batman Mixtape at TRUST ME! YOU WANT THIS MIXTAPE! 
*Be warned though unlike many of his other mixtapes, this one is dirty and has some curse words in it and may not be appropriate for young children.*

- Trenton W. 
Writer at The Great Hip Hop Blog


  1. Felicity11:52 PM

    DJ Emir's Batman mixtape is The BEEZNEEZ! So amazing! I love it, can't wait for the next one!

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  3. Wow - will definitely have to check this out! One of my favorite songs is on here -- Boom Boom Pow!! :D Great blog!

    I'm trying to get my blog off the ground and was wondering if you might come check it out (and maybe consider following?).

    Hope you have an *amazing* day! :)


  4. Really feeling this mixtape so far I'm going to have to check out the rest of it! - Tom

  5. David9:43 AM

    This mixtape is most definitely worth it's weight in gold!

  6. That mixtape was awesome. Being a comic book fan, I like how he added the Batman theme. DJ Emir is indeed a true genius.

  7. This is a great mixtape we also did a review of it on our site and completely loved every minute of the mixtape! The mixtape cover for the Batman mixtape was also very cleverly done as was the integration of the Batman theme and sound clips. A superb mixtape to say the least.

  8. Tarra Reid4:52 PM

    Thanks for the recomendation, I got my mixatpe in the mail yesterday. This is an awesome mixtape with so many great songs and some nice creative remixes. He did a great job on the batman mixtape!

  9. I like how he added the Batman theme. DJ Emir is indeed a true genius. DJ Emir's Batman mixtape is The BEEZNEEZ! So amazing! I love it, can't wait for the next one. Thanks for sharing.

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  11. This is hands down one of the best mixtapes ever... it comes in close second only to DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Mixtape which I will eternally love! :)

  12. Anonymous1:15 PM

    The DJ Emir Batman Mixtape is simply phenomenal! I love the mixes on this CD, it is a very entertaining mixtape.

  13. I highly recommend the Batman mixtape. It has a great flow from start to finish and to me is just a classic mixtape with great mixes that never get old. And as Acrista mentioned you may also want to pick up DJ Emir's Michael Jackson Mixtape as well. Both are worth their weight in gold. - Trent W. The Great Music Blog

  14. Yeah, I stole the weight in gold from David :0) cause hes right about that!